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Without a VPN you are exposed to real online threats


Data thieves look for unprotected devices, and those that do not use encryption are easy targets.

Malware & phishing

These types of attacks are common, and it’s difficult to avoid them without protection.

Identity theft

If you don’t use security software, you might end up getting your login credentials stolen.

Ad manipulation

It is easy for advertisers to influence your behavior if you expose all your browsing habits.

ISP tracking

Without a VPN, your internet provider can collect & sell your data to advertisers.

Price discrimination

Online businesses might show you higher prices if they see you are in a more affluent city.

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Surfshark VPN servers

3200+ servers in 65 countries.

  • Private DNS on each server
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Fast 100% RAM-only servers
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The Americas

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Middle East and Africa

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Asia Pacific

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Physical & virtual locations available
Virtual locations available

Browse privately

Encrypt your internet activity so no one can track or steal your data.

Use Surfshark without device or bandwidth limits

Surfshark VPN servers are optimized for you in all these apps.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a VPN server?

A VPN server is a server installed with a secure VPN server software to allow VPN connections for local and remote clients.

The level of encryption of a VPN service depends on tunneling protocols. They help secure data between your device and a selected remote server so that no one can eavesdrop on your browsing activities.

How to select the best server location?

If you’re looking for privacy and security, select “Fastest server” to get the best speeds. You can also choose the nearest country if you want to change your IP address to a foreign location. Or you can select any location you like from hundreds displayed on the list in any of our apps.

What is DNS?

Devices and humans speak different languages, but when you type in "," your computer understands it and directs to the website. How come?

When you visit a website, you need its URL. Every internet website has a combination of numbers called an IP address (for example, ours is (as of the time this was written).

It would be difficult to remember all IP addresses of available sites, so DNS (Domain Name System) essentially does that for you. It converts hostnames into IP addresses so that your computer can understand and communicate with the website you want to visit.

Why private DNS is important?

Internet service providers’ DNS or third-party DNS providers often pose colossal privacy risks. They can use records of your DNS requests to track your activity and use them for marketing purposes (such as displaying personalized ads).

If your privacy is important to you - and it should be - private DNS becomes important as a default.

What is Camouflage Mode?

It’s something a lot of VPN providers call obfuscation. Simply said, Camouflage Mode makes it nearly impossible to tell that you’re using a VPN simply by looking at your traffic.

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