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Why use a VPN in Finland?

Stay safe while traveling

Stay safe while traveling

Not every country in the world is Finland - in fact, I’m fairly certain there’s only one Finland in total. So when you’re traveling, you may run into censorship, social media blocks, and shady public Wi-Fi spots. Protect yourself with a VPN.

Maintain privacy at home

Maintain privacy at home

A VPN uses encryption to make your data unreadable for your internet service provider. Having a VPN server’s IP makes you harder to track online. Enjoy these benefits with Surfshark VPN.

A Finnish VPN you can rely on

No more firewalls

No more firewalls

School, work, or some other ne'er-do-well is stopping you from reaching your favorite websites and/or games? Then you need a VPN that can defeat their firewalls. And Surfshark can do just that.

Secure your privacy

Secure your privacy

Finland rates high on internet privacy. But, you can always protect yourself more from snooping on the internet. A Finland VPN will help you overcome both tracking by websites and criminals trying to track your IP or intercept your traffic.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.


What websites are blocked in Finland?

Finland ranks among the top countries by freedom of the internet. The only real mandatory blocking applies to child pornography. The Finnish government has prepared a blacklist of websites to block. However, it isn’t very accurate. 

Reportedly, less than 1% of the 1600 websites showed content classed as child pornography. Less than 4% contained links that lead to such websites. The implementation is clearly lacking in this area. But ISPs are still pressured to start blocking websites based on that list. 

If you want to visit a legitimate site inadvertently blocked by the government, a VPN will allow you to get past the ISP blockade.

How does a VPN protect me while traveling?

Free Wi-Fi is one of the most attractive things to a tourist or any traveler in general. However, such spots are also appealing to criminals who want to steal your data. Using a VPN on a mobile device – a phone, a tablet, a laptop – can secure your connection. Even if the hackers can steal your data traffic, a VPN service will have encrypted it, making it useless. That way, it’s a lot less risky to use free Wi-Fi at your hotel or a cafe. 

According to statistics, Spain is second only to Estonia when it comes to Finnish tourism. It’s also the second most popular tourist destination in Europe, making it attractive to data thieves. Moreover, the country received a hefty investment in 2019 to provide Wi-Fi in 500 towns and cities. To make the best, safest use of this opportunity, you need a Finland VPN.

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