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Unlock the full power of device protection

Experience top-notch security with our Antivirus software. Support for up to 5 devices, regular updates, and advanced security features provide a powerful shield from online threats.

Webcam protection
Your life is not a movie. Keep it that way. Lock your camera and get alerts if any app or website attempts to access your webcam without your permission.
Fully customizable security
Customize Antivirus app to fit your needs. Exclude files, schedule scans to the minute, and select between full or quick scans. All of this is easy, thanks to our intuitive design.
Spyware & malware shield
Don't let anything slide. Defend all your devices with our robust scanners that check apps and files in real time during downloads, installs, and usage.

Features behind the scenes

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Lightweight security

Is it even on? That’s what you’ll be asking yourself because our antivirus is as light as it gets. The app won’t hog your CPU or RAM nor slow down your device.
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Safety from new viruses

We’re ready for that new malware! Our database is updated every 3 hours, and our Cloud Protect works day and night, scanning files to catch those zero-day online threats.
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24/7 malware protection

Enjoy top-notch protection with software that works 24/7, preventing new viruses from harming or entering your device as you download stuff or surf the web.
A leading independent antivirus testing company AV-test certified Surfshark Antivirus’ protection

Antivirus comes in the Surfshark One bundle

Surfshark One — a cybersecurity bundle for all-over protection. Surf the web without tracking, secure your devices from threats, & guard your accounts’ security.


Secure your connection

Enjoy your online adventures with 24/7 privacy protection by the award-winning Surfshark VPN

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Keep your personal data private

Create a brand new online identity and a proxy email with Alternative ID. Use it to shield your info, avoid data leaks and a spam-filled inbox.


Protect your devices

Surfshark Antivirus — powerful device protection that secures everything, from your webcam to your files. Experience 24/7 security that you can set and forget.

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Get data breach alerts

Alert notifies you the moment your email, ID, credit card, or other personal data gets leaked online.

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Browse ad-free without digital footprints with Surfshark Search engine.

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Reach new online security heights with Surfshark One
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30-day money-back guarantee
There are so many VPNs to choose from — but my wife and I always use Surfshark.
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Frequently asked questions

Antivirus is a digital security tool that protects your device from viruses and malware (malicious software).
Currently — no. Surfshark Antivirus only comes in the Surfshark One bundle with a VPN, Alert, and Search.
Surfshark Antivirus solution surpasses free antivirus programs with premium features, 24/7 security, and an extensive database. Surfshark Antivirus comes in a bundle with other products for all-round online protection.
No. You can buy a VPN separately from Antivirus, but Surfshark Antivirus comes in an all-around online security bundle.
The bundle includes:
  • VPN that changes your IP address so your location becomes invisible.
  • Antivirus that scans programs whenever you download, install, or use them.
  • Alert that notifies you if your email, credit card, or ID is leaked in a breach.
  • Search that gives organic browsing results without ads or trackers.
  • Alternative ID that creates a new identity & email for online registrations.

Yes. Comparing VPN vs. antivirus is comparing apples and oranges. A VPN encrypts your data and protects your online privacy, while antivirus offers malware protection and secures your devices.

Sometimes, a VPN can prevent you from getting viruses with features like CleanWeb. However, a VPN can't do much once you have the virus inside your device. That's why it's best to run a VPN together with an antivirus!

Some antivirus software offers free basic protection but will hide some benefits behind paywalls, like real-time and zero-day threat protection.

The best antivirus software depends on your specific needs and preferences. There are many antivirus apps to choose from. So before you download antivirus software, make sure to check the operating system you use, your budget, and the features you need.

If you're looking for an intuitive antivirus program with premium features that won't slow down your device — try Surfshark.