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Protect your devices

Protection from viruses, malware, and intrusive apps for Android and Windows.

Get Surfshark Antivirus

Comprehensive security starts
with an Antivirus

A fast and easy to use Antivirus to protect your devices from harm.

Scan for viruses and malware

Perform scans on your devices for harmful programs, apps, documents, and files.

Real-time protection

Maintain your security and privacy when you download, install, or use programs and files*.

(*Available on Android. Coming soon on Windows)

Schedule your scans

What to scan and when to scan it – it’s your choice. Customize and schedule scans to run whenever you want!

Surfshark One includes:


Change digital locations
Protect data and privacy


Scan for viruses
Remove harmful files


Hide from search engines
Get truly organic results


Check for data breaches
Get real-time alerts

24 months




Billed USD 95.52 now, & annually after the first 24 months. Additional taxes may apply depending on your jurisdiction.