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Surfshark VPN review: How good is Surfshark?

We represent cybersecurity and digital freedom. How well? Just ask others.

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The world talks about us

Surfshark has received rave reviews from leading experts in the field. Techradar, PCMag, and CNET are just a few of many names that have recognized Surfshark as one of the best players in the VPN game. According to cybersecurity pros, our military-grade encryption and feature-packed apps are second to none.

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“Surfshark is better than cheap: it's value for money. “


“Of all its competitors, Surfshark has the best value and provides you with everything a top VPN should”


“Surfshark is one of the best-value VPNs on the market today”

Our users trust us

“I have been extremely impressed with Surfshark. Their speeds, security and service are impressive in my experience. The live chat support is very good. Leroy was very helpful and provided great advice. I highly recommend Surfshark and will be renewing my two year agreement with them.”

“Great product and awesome customer service. I've been using Surfshark for 2 years now on several devices and it never fails. I've only had to contact customer service once in these two years and the service provided is friendly, flexible and to the point. Definitely recommended!!”

“i've been with Surfshark for over two years now, and have never, in that time, been compromised in any way while using the internet (which I use daily). There are so many horror stories of people being hacked and losing thousands, but it's a great feeling to feel safe online”

The socials talk about us

Better choice in every way

Price Discount Independent audit Devices Ad blocker Two-factor
$2.49/mo 83% Unlimited
$8.32/mo 49% 5
$3.29/mo 69% 6


Why Surfshark?

We don’t let anyone track you

Our main concern is your privacy. That’s why we tirelessly work on our apps and features to provide you with safe and private access to the internet. Forget about your internet service provider, ad brokers, and third-party companies from tracking your every digital step.

We don’t record your information

We don’t (and never will) log what you do online. But our commitment to your privacy goes beyond our privacy policy. Surfshark is based in the Netherlands. This means that it is illegal for us to collect and store your personal information.

We don’t limit your devices

You should never feel vulnerable online. That’s why we don’t limit the number of devices you can connect to Surfshark. This way, you can always stay secure across different platforms and even protect your family and friends.

We don’t charge you extra

An honest VPN for an honest price. We don’t overcharge for our services just because we can. Why? Because we believe that online security and privacy should be accessible to everyone.

Surfshark technical parameter breakdown

Global coverage

3200+ servers

65~ countries

110~ locations

Security for everyone

Supported platforms:

7-day free trial on Android and iOS

Unlimited devices & data

Convenient features

10Gbps servers

NoBorders mode

Split tunneling


Intuitive, easy to use app

Enjoy an array of VPN features

Worldwide servers

We have 3200+ servers in over 65 countries around the world, and we’re opening new locations all the time!

Blazing fast speeds

Our 1GBit ports on all of our servers will take you on a supersonic journey through the internet and make you forget you’re using a VPN at all.

Secure protocols

OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, or SOCKS5 - it’s your choice. We’ve got all the most secure and modern protocols for you to choose from.

Extensive features

Enhance your security with KillSwitch, Bypasser, CleanWeb, MultiHop, No Borders, GPS Spoofing. You name it, we’ll go the extra mile.

They’ve experienced Surfshark!

As globally seen on


Try Surfshark VPN with a 7-day free trial*

And a 30-day money-back guarantee

Give me cyber closure

* Our 7-day free trial is only available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Experts recognize us

Cybersecurity Excellence Award Gold 2021

Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards Gold 2021

Top 3 fastest VPN 2021

PCMag editor’s choice 2021

We support the open internet

We believe that the internet should be free and accessible. That’s why we support many non-profit organizations that tirelessly work to promote online freedom and transparency.


Is Surfshark safe?

Surfshark is absolutely safe to use. Here’s why:

  • Our VPN encrypts and hides your internet traffic from everyone else.
    • It does so without altering any settings or making changes to your device.
  • We have a strict no-log policy and will never collect your traffic data under any circumstances.

Our VPN was tested by independent researchers at Cure53 who found no security issues.

Can I try Surfshark for free?

Yes, we have a 7-day free VPN trial for Android and iOS, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee on any other device. So, don’t hesitate to give us a go at our risk.

Is Surfshark a Chinese company?

No, Surfshark isn’t and never was associated with the People’s Republic of China in any way. Surfshark is based in the Netherlands and operates under its jurisdiction with no data retention laws.

Who owns Surfshark?

All the information about Surfshark can be found on our about us page. Here you’ll see our timeline and story, and also the people behind our products and services.

Is Surfshark a good VPN?

Yes. Surfshark is an excellent VPN service as it offers unlimited devices and provides rarely seen split tunneling and MultiHop features. Not to mention, it ensures a no-logs service with transparent privacy policies and RAM-only servers.

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