No logs. No data breaches. No worries.

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We are committed to protect your privacy, which is why we enforce a strict no-logs policy.


That means we do not log your:


IP address

Browsing history

Used bandwidth

Session information

Network traffic

Connection timestamps

In short, this means we will not know whether you use our applications after you have purchased a plan. We will not know what you choose to do when you turn on Surfshark, nor how much data you use.

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Non-sensitive data we collect

To create your account and to provide you with an outstanding VPN service, we need to collect some information.

Your personal information that we collect:

  • E-mail address and encrypted password
  • Basic billing information and order history

We need your email in order to help you fix any issues that you may encounter. Also, we may send you information when we have a discount or news that we think you may enjoy. You can always opt out of newsletters!

Your billing information will include your payment amount, currency and the date of the payment, as well as what you chose to purchase. If you use third-party payment providers, they may collect additional information on you, however, you can opt for anonymity and pay with cryptocurrency.

Anonymous information we collect for diagnostics:


Aggregated performance data
The frequency of use of our services
Crash reports on apps
Unsuccessful connection attempts

None of this data can be tied to your account. Here’s an example: we will know if there is an issue with one of our apps, but we will not know whether you specifically had that issue, unless you contact our support. Any data that we collect is completely anonymous.

We only collect the bare minimum amount of technical data that we need to provide you with excellent services and inform you about our new offers.

That’s it! In the age of big data, a lot of companies know pretty much everything about you: what you like, what you do online, and who you are. We know very little, and we intend to keep it that way.

We are based in the British Virgin Islands. This means that our jurisdiction does not require us to store data – and we can enforce our strict no-logs policy.

Your privacy is important. Even though digital life often lacks it, we believe that you can take matters into your own hands and control your data. Our mission is to provide you with a tool to do exactly that.

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