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Benefits of Surfshark VPN for Android

Unrestricted entertainment

Access, stream or download the best internet has to offer on your Android device.

Ultra-fast speed

You won’t feel any difference in your internet speed.

Diamond-strong protection

We guard your devices using industry-leading encryption.

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With Surfshark
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Everything’s robust on the inside but as simple to use as turning on WiFi.

Strict no logs policy

Based in the British Virgin Islands - we don't monitor, track or store your online activity.

Unlimited devices

One account for you and your whole family.

Privacy over public WiFi

Stay safe while traveling or dining out in the city.

Easy on your battery

Surfshark ensures longer battery life as compared to other VPN apps.

Zero-knowledge DNS

Private DNS on every server leaves no cracks for potential security breaches.

Internet without borders

We help to evade all efforts to control access to the free web.


An advanced security protocol is notably faster and much more stable.

Over 2 billion devices are running on Android and scammers think of ways to crack into any vulnerability. We designed Surfshark Android app using the latest technological achievements, and simple enough for everyone to use. We make sure you and your whole family can enjoy the free and open internet without any unwelcome eavesdroppers.

Olivia Anderson

Chief Android Developer at Surfshark

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