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Protect your privacy with a VPN Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, a Kill Switch disconnects you from the internet, safeguarding your privacy.

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What is a VPN Kill Switch?

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

A VPN Kill Switch is an automatic deactivation function for your internet connection. Once activated, it works quietly in the background – no input is needed from the user. If your VPN connection drops unexpectedly, the Kill Switch disables your internet connection on a system level. That way, you don’t end up accidentally using the internet without being protected by a VPN. Thus, VPN Kill Switches ensure that your sensitive information is always under the protection of our industry-leading encryption and security protocols no matter what technical issues may get in the way.

What are the benefits of a Kill Switch?

No accidental exposure

No accidental exposure

The software that runs the internet and the devices that connect to it aren’t always reliable. Protect your sensitive data in case your VPN connection drops with the Kill Switch feature - it disconnects the internet if your VPN protection goes away.

Make sure your traffic is always encrypted

Make sure your traffic is always encrypted

VPN encrypts your traffic so that not even your internet service provider knows what you’re doing. With a Kill Switch, you won’t connect without that protection if the VPN connection suddenly drops!

Guard your identity

Guard your identity

Your internet protocol (IP) address is like your home address online. Connecting via a VPN server hides it. But if the VPN connection fails by accident, your real IP gets exposed - unless you use a Kill Switch.

Make sure you’re secure

Make sure you’re secure

If your country is restricting your online rights and you’re using a VPN service to skirt the blocks, losing your VPN protection could be dangerous. But with a Kill Switch, if your VPN protection goes down, so does your internet connection, keeping your data and IP hidden.

Protect your file sharing

Protect your file sharing

Peer-to-peer technologies rely on people sharing the files constantly - and this exposes your IP address to everyone. With a VPN and a reliable Kill Switch feature, you can share it all and remain hidden from prying eyes.

Enjoy the feeling of safety

Enjoy the feeling of safety

We’re not always around the most reliable internet connections - and our devices aren’t that great at reconnecting to networks. But even these issues won’t diminish your safety if your VPN has a Kill Switch function.

How a Kill Switch works

A Kill Switch works on some simple principles, monitoring whether you’re connected to a VPN server and severing the internet connection if you aren’t.

1. The Kill Switch monitors your connection

2. The Kill Switch notices that you're no longer connected to a VPN server

3. The Kill Switch servers/kills the internet connection

4. Once internet is reconnected via a VPN server, things go back to normal

How to use Surfshark Kill Switch on your device

To see the Kill Switch feature in action, first, log in to your account, or sign up if you’re new.

Go to Settings and enable the Kill Switch button.

Done! Your data will be safe with our industry-leading encryption at all times.

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Should you turn on a VPN Kill Switch?

You should turn on your VPN Kill Switch as it is an additional security feature. It keeps you safer in case the VPN connection drops unexpectedly. 

How do I turn off a VPN Kill Switch?

To turn off a VPN Kill Switch on Surfshark, go to your app, choose Settings, and flip the Kill Switch, er, switch. 

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