Kill Switch: the VPN bumper lane

kill switch

Kill Switch is a feature which helps to protect your sensitive traffic (e.g. P2P downloads). In case your VPN connection drops, the Switch disconnects you from the internet so no one can see what you were doing.


How can Kill Switch benefit you?


  • Make sure your torrent downloads are invisible to your ISP
  • Protect your sensitive data in case the VPN connection drops
  • Make sure your traffic is always encrypted
  • Guard your identity against hackers and snoopers
  • Make sure you’re secure in a heavily censored country
  • Enjoy the internet worry-free, knowing you’re safe

Get a reliable VPN with Kill Switch


Works with all our popular apps

Kill switch for Windows Kill switch for macOS
Kill switch for iOS Kill switch for Android



Frequently asked Kill Switch questions:


1. How does Kill Switch work?

To make sure that your traffic is only sent through a safe, encrypted VPN tunnel, a Kill Switch disables your internet connection on the system level if your VPN connection drops. This way, your sensitive information is always under the protection of our industry-leading encryption and security protocols.


2. How do I use Surfshark VPN Kill Switch?

It’s simple! For now, the Kill Switch is available on Windows PC, macOS, iOS, and Android apps. On macOS and iOS, it’s on by default. If you use Windows PC or the Android app, simply go to the settings and turn the Kill Switch on!


3. Does Surfshark VPN Kill Switch work on a system or app level?

It works on a system level. That means it disables internet connection for the entire system and not just specific apps.


4. Should I always keep the Kill Switch on?

It’s definitely recommended to make sure your privacy is never compromised.


Get a reliable VPN with Kill Switch

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