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Get Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension and surf the web safely

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux

  • Hide your IP address
  • Encrypt your browser traffic
  • Stream in complete privacy
  • Spoof your location
Get Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension and surf the web safely

A 3-step Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension setup

Subscribe to Surfshark

1. Subscribe to Surfshark

Get Surfshark.

Get the Microsoft Edge VPN extension

2. Get the Microsoft Edge VPN extension

Find the Surfshark proxy extension on Microsoft Edge Add-Ons and click Get.

Access your account and connect to a server

3. Access your account and connect to a server

Log in and connect to a server.

Microsoft Edge VPN extension: your ticket to the open internet

A VPN will help you stay private while accessing websites, apps, and streaming platforms.

Stream privately and securely

Stream privately and securely

A VPN connection guarantees that you won’t experience bandwidth throttling while streaming. Also, you’re guaranteed the streaming privacy you need — your browser traffic is encrypted!

Visit blocked websites & apps

Visit blocked websites & apps

A Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extension will help you reach your websites or apps in countries restricting access to social or other websites. Connect to the right VPN servers and unblock the internet!

Hide from trackers

Hide from trackers

Many websites use IP (Internet Protocol) address trackers and record what you do online. Install Surfshark’s VPN for Microsoft Edge VPN extension to replace your real IP address with an IP from a VPN server.

Stay safe on a public network

Stay safe on a public network

The Surfshark Edge extension lets you browse without the risk of leaking personal details while using the local coffee shops network.

Use the best Edge VPN in the tech-world

Extra security features

Extra security features

A good VPN for the Microsoft Edge browser has more features than just a secure connection. With CleanWeb, you’ll avoid annoying ads while browsing. Plus, at the same time, you’re guaranteed privacy with Surfshark’s WebRTC blocks.

Independent security audits

Independent security audits

An external agency does regular security audits to ensure your experience with Surfshark is safe and private. This helps us identify if there are any weak points in our infrastructure and fix them right away.

Fast & reliable servers

Fast & reliable servers

Sometimes VPN protocols can impact your speed, but so can the distance between you and your server. Having VPN servers across the globe, you can be sure there’ll always be one nearby.

Surfshark VPN vs. free VPNs

While a free Edge extension might seem enticing, there is no such thing as a free VPN. Any VPN is a service that needs money to operate. Free VPNs just get it through other means, like bombarding you with annoying ads or selling your data. So, choose a premium VPN over a free one for your Edge browser for a trustworthy service and many robust features:

No logs

No logs

Premium VPNs have strict no-logs policies and less incentive to lie about it since they don’t need to sell user data to finance themselves.

No gimmicks

No gimmicks

Research and development cost money. Premium VPN developers have their subscription model provide a steady flow of funds for such projects.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Free VPNs often limit your speed or data to make you buy the premium version. Since you’re already paying for a premium VPN, it comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Prioritizing security

Prioritized security

Keeping a secure and modern VPN network requires a lot of money, something that premium VPNs have due to the subscription model.

Thousands of servers

Thousands of servers

It’s not just about the number of servers. It’s also about how many different countries the servers are in. Premium VPNs like Surfshark have more servers in more locations.

Good speeds

Good speeds

The steady flow of money from subscriptions allows for improved server infrastructure and more servers to ease congestion.

Surf free with the 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark is a risk-free VPN investment — our money-back policy ensures it. Interested? Just subscribe to any plan longer than 1 month. If your first month doesn’t convince you that Surfshark VPN is the best Microsoft Edge VPN, you can request a refund within those 30 days.

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What does Edge VPN mean?

Edge VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network security feature for Microsoft’s browser Edge. These come in the form of VPN add-ons or VPN proxy extensions.

What’s the difference between an Edge extension and an Edge proxy extension?

The difference between an Edge extension and an Edge proxy extension is that extension refers to a small add-on to your browser in the most general sense. An Edge proxy extension refers to that add-on’s function — it will use a proxy server.

Does Microsoft Edge have a VPN proxy extension?

Yes, Microsoft Edge VPN proxy extensions are available. However, unlike the app, proxy extensions can only protect the traffic on your browser. The VPN proxy extension won’t protect that traffic if you use the internet on other apps.

Does Edge have a free VPN?

A Microsoft Edge VPN has been in the works for some time now, but it is yet to be released. However, Microsoft’s browser supports VPNs via Add-ons; free ones exist, but we do not advise using them.

What is the best free VPN proxy extension for Edge?

Though there are many free VPN proxy extensions available, it’s not worth the risk. Often, these free proxy extensions live off of monetizing what you do online. Regarding speed, features, and server variety, it’s also much lower quality than a paid VPN proxy extension.

How do I set up a VPN proxy extension for Microsoft Edge?

To activate a VPN extension on Edge, you need to get it via the Microsoft Edge Add-ons. Simply navigate to the one you like and click Get. 

Or get Surfshark and check out the support guide on how to set up the Surfshark browser extension on Edge.

How do I know if my VPN Edge extension is working?

There are several ways to check if your VPN works, like checking your IP address or performing a DNS leak test. Or try out other methods from our guide on how to check if your VPN is working.

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