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Try the upgraded Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0

Try the upgraded Surfshark CleanWeb 2.0

If you enjoy our regular ad blocking feature, you’ll love what CleanWeb 2.0 has to offer! Our Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions now include an ad blocker, cookie pop-up blocker, data breach alert, and malware alert features.

And while most ad blockers are limited to internet browser extensions, Surfshark’s CleanWeb isn’t. You can use CleanWeb 2.0 on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, while blocking ads on other apps with the CleanWeb feature in your Surfshark app.

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How to activate the ad blocking VPN feature

The CleanWeb 2.0 ad blocker feature is enabled by default when you download the Surfshark VPN browser extension. It works in the background and doesn’t require you to be connected to the VPN. So your surfing experience stays clean, even when the VPN is off.

When it comes to activating the CleanWeb feature on the Surfshark app, you can do so in two simple steps:


Step 1

1. Open your Surfshark app and go to Settings.

Step 2

2. Find the CleanWeb option and toggle the switch on.

Why use an ad blocker with a VPN?

Block ads on streaming platforms

Block ads on streaming platforms

Many ad blocking browser extensions only work with ads, banners, and pop-ups on a browser level. But Surfshark’s CleanWeb feature takes it a step further and blocks ads on apps, so you can enjoy an ad-free experience while streaming content on your smart TV or other devices.

Currently, CleanWeb 2.0 is only available as a browser extension.

Stay private with a VPN

Stay private with a VPN

While CleanWeb takes care of ads, let a VPN take care of your digital privacy. A VPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP address. This keeps your online activities safe from the prying eyes of hackers, intrusive ISPs, and even oppressive governments.

Minimize malware risks

Minimize malware risks

Malware can come in various shapes and sizes. From infected websites and files to malicious ads or links. Thankfully, Surfshark can help you lower the risk of malware. CleanWeb blocks malicious ads, while CleanWeb 2.0 also has a malware alert feature that shows you all the details about previous website leaks and alerts you about any possible risks.

Save money on mobile data

Save money on mobile data

Ads, pop-ups, and banners can use up a considerable amount of data. And you don’t want to be using your data for something you don’t want to see in the first place. Especially if you’re on a limited plan. Use CleanWeb to take your data usage down and your online experience up.

Boost browsing speeds

Boost browsing speeds

Ads and pop-ups are not only annoying, but they also use resources to load, which slows down your internet connection. CleanWeb gets rid of resource-hungry ads and pop-ups to ensure the pages you visit load quickly and don’t contain potentially malicious distractions.

Avoid phishing attempts

Avoid phishing attempts

In some cases, phishing attacks use ads and pop-ups to target internet users. When you use Surfshark VPN with CleanWeb, you hide your data from bad actors and block any ads and pop-ups online. As a result, you’re far less likely to fall for a phishing scam.

Does a VPN block ads?

Does a VPN block ads?

No, a VPN itself does not block ads. But some premium VPN providers, such as Surfshark, have implemented ad blocking capabilities into their services. In our case, we decided to go a step further with CleanWeb.

When you use the Surfshark app, the CleanWeb feature blocks ads on all websites or apps you visit. But if you get a Surfshark browser extension, you can get all the benefits of the updated CleanWeb 2.0, which includes a cookie pop-up blocker, a malware alert, and a data breach alert. And you don’t even have to connect to a VPN to use it.

How to block ads on smart TVs

Install the Surfshark app or browser extension, and make sure the CleanWeb is on! It’s that simple. CleanWeb will block all the built-in smart TV ads without you having to do it manually. 

The CleanWeb feature is included in all Surfshark subscription plans. You can turn the VPN on to protect your data and privacy online, all while getting rid of annoying ads and pop-ups.

How to block ads on smart TVs
Surfshark CleanWeb vs. free ad blockers

Surfshark CleanWeb vs. free ad blockers

No service is truly free. The so-called “free ad blockers” may make money by collecting and selling your online activity data to third parties. Considering how cheap Surfshark’s subscription is, there’s no good reason to pay for below-par services with your data. 

Paid premium services use money from user subscriptions to run their operations. As a result, they can afford cutting-edge security features to provide you a top-quality service. And they don’t have to sell user data in order to do so.

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Does Surfshark have an ad blocker?

Yes. Surfshark’s ad blocker is called CleanWeb, and it’s included in all Surfshark subscriptions. You can get an upgraded CleanWeb 2.0 version by installing the Surfshark browser extension or using the CleanWeb feature with the Surfshark app.

How do I set up a personal VPN ad blocker?

First of all, it’s important to recognize that a VPN and an ad blocker are two separate tools. However, some VPN service providers also include an ad blocker in their list of services, and Surfshark is one of such providers. 

If you get Surfshark, you can install an easy-to-use VPN application with an implemented ad blocking feature or a browser extension with an upgraded CleanWeb 2.0 and enjoy a safe, private, and ad-free online experience.

How do I disable my VPN and ad blocker?

The procedure depends on your VPN and ad blocker provider, but if you use Surfshark, there are two ways to turn them off:

  • If you’re a browser extension user, you can press Disconnect to disable your VPN connection, then go to Settings → CleanWeb Settings and turn the desired toggles off to disable the ad blocking feature;
  • If you’re an app user, press Disconnect to disable your VPN connection, then go to Settings → VPN Settings and turn the CleanWeb toggle off.

Does a VPN track my online activity?

It depends on the VPN you have. Free VPNs have been known to collect and even sell user data. However, that is different with a premium VPN service. For instance, Surfshark never collects or tracks what you do online. We strictly follow our no-logs VPN policy and ensure the safety of your information.

Will a VPN ad blocker stop pop-up ads?

Whether or not your ad blocker stops pop-up ads depends solely on your service provider. Surfshark’s CleanWeb feature blocks all ads, including pop-ups. And if you use the Surfshark browser extension, it will also block cookie pop-ups and warn you about potential malware threats.

Is it safe to use an ad blocker?

Yes, using an ad blocker is completely safe as long as you choose a paid service provider. Free ad blockers may collect user data and sell it to third parties, all while offering a sub-par service. Paid premium services fund themselves through user subscriptions, which allows them to offer a secure and modern ad blocking service.

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