4.5 out of 5

Block ads and malicious websites with CleanWeb

Your free VPN ad blocker that actively protects you from malware and phishing attempts.

How does CleanWeb benefit you?

Block intrusive popups & ads

No more annoying ads and pop-ups blocking your screen.

Discard suspicious links

We keep it clean for you and only allow safe, malware-free websites.

Prevent phishing attempts

CleanWeb makes sure they never get to you.

Save your mobile data

Ads & trackers will no longer waste your precious MBs.

Automatic malware detection

Countless malware-infected websites put your computer at risk. CleanWeb blocks malware so you can surf in a clean cyber ocean. It actively prevents you from accessing any of these malicious websites. Our databases are updated continuously and currently contain over one million infected websites.

Crank it up with next-level phishing protection

Phishing is as old as the internet itself. Unfortunately, it’s not going anywhere soon either. Malicious agents try to ‘fish out’ your private information by sending you links that may look legitimate but can cause devastating consequences when opened. CleanWeb blocks these links and protects you from falling prey to scammers.

Get adblock VPN

CleanWeb is included on Surfshark Windows, macOS, Android and iOS apps.