UPDATED:Jul 15, 2024

Global data breach statistics

This page contains information about personal data breaches since 2004. Explore our interactive map, country comparisons, quarterly and country-level trends, regional analyses, and other leaked data point statistics to find out how many accounts have been copied, transmitted, viewed, and stolen from data holders.

Data Breach Map

Total number of breached accounts
Most accounts breached
Fewest accounts breached

What you need to know about the numbers

This data is updated periodically, so make sure to check the numbers once in a while if you quote them. That said, there are two important things you should know about these numbers:

  • Most people use the same email for different accounts when registering online. That’s why a single email or account can be breached several times in separate cases, and some numbers may seem so high (like 17.9B total breached accounts);
  • 26.2% of the total breached accounts did not contain information about a person’s country of residence. So the numbers of country-specific breaches are actually much higher than you see below.

Accounts get breached more than once

Since 2004, a total of 17.9B accounts have been breached, and approximately 7.1B of them have unique email addresses. That means that on a global scale:

3 times
A single email address is breached around 3 times.
88 unique emails
For every 100 people, 88 unique email addresses are breached.
223 accounts
On average, 223 accounts are breached per 100 people.

Has Surfshark had a data breach? No, Surfshark has never had a data breach and none of the accounts have been breached. The company takes many security measures to mitigate the risk and operates on RAM-only servers, ensuring the privacy of users' data.