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Lithuanian unicorn, achieved in collaboration with Nord Security.


Fastest-growing European company in 2024, ranked by Financial Times.


Sharks, shaping the future of data privacy.

Become a shark in 3, 2, 1

21 jobs in 3 locations

Business Intelligence
Vilnius / Kaunas / Warsaw
Business Intelligence
Vilnius / Kaunas
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Vilnius / Kaunas / Warsaw
Business Intelligence
Vilnius / Kaunas
Vilnius / Kaunas
Vilnius / Kaunas / Warsaw
Vilnius / Warsaw
Vilnius / Kaunas
Vilnius / Kaunas / Warsaw
Vilnius / Kaunas

Our core values

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Grow together

Build connections, nurture relationships, and choose collaboration over solo heroics.
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Stay humble

Put yourself in other people's shoes, admit what you don't know, and keep learning.
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Challenge the status quo

Push boundaries, share your ideas, and always bring evidence to back them up.
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Own what you do

Motivate yourself and your team to deliver the best possible results every day.
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Choose kindness

Care about others, be empathetic, and respect our company's values & culture.
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Be an x-ray shark

Be transparent, give honest feedback, and make sure everyone is kept in the loop.

Do what you love — we'll take care of the rest

You deserve more than just free food and books.
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    Shape the future of cybersecurity

    Join the 2nd most popular VPN brand globally and make a difference in online privacy.
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    Embrace community & traditions

    Participate in workations, gatherings, team-building events, and company-wide celebrations.
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    Learn & grow with us

    Explore a wide range of training programs for specialists and leads, including online platforms like Udemy & Masterclass.
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    Work from anywhere

    Work from anywhere in the world up to 5 times a year and experience global flexibility.
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    Stay in tip-top shape

    Reconnect with yourself through regular mental health checks, physical wellbeing lessons, and various workouts. And benefit from a private health insurance.
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    Find flexibility in your work

    Enjoy flexible office hours, a hybrid work model, and bonus days off for special occasions and parenting needs.

Meet our people

Whether it's making beautiful designs, coding up a storm, creating everlasting partnerships, or producing unique content - there’s always room for more sharks.
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