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VPN for Xbox One, Series S, & Series X

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  • Over 100 locations & 3200 servers
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How to use a VPN on Xbox

Sadly, you can’t install a VPN app on your Xbox directly. However, you can create a VPN-protected hotspot or set it up on your router. Even though these aren’t the easiest ways, added security is always worth it. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Get Surfshark

Sign up to Surfshark & create an account.

2. Set a VPN up

Follow our setting up a VPN on a router or the how to set up a VPN-protected Wi-Fi hotspot guides.

3. Connect

Connect your Xbox to the router like you usually would.

Surfshark VPN on Xbox One, Series X, & Series S

Surfshark works on any Xbox that supports a wireless connection, routers, Windows & mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

Get an Xbox VPN and enjoy other benefits like

Safe streaming & entertainment

Safe streaming & entertainment

Whether you’re streaming your favorite movie or playing video games, keep your VPN ON, and you’ll enjoy online entertainment safely. The best part is that you won’t notice a difference in internet speed!

No bandwidth throttling

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) knows what you do online if you don’t use a VPN. They can use this information to slow down (throttle) your connection if you’re gaming, streaming, or sharing files.

No bandwidth throttling
Protection from sore losers

Protection from sore losers

Ever got threatened with getting hacked, DDoSed, or SWATted after owning someone in a game? All these threats are empty if you use a VPN. It hides your IP and online identity for complete privacy.

Premium vs. free VPN service for Xbox

“If you’re getting something for free, you are the product.” Free VPNs earn money by collecting and selling their users’ data or bombarding them with ads. Why get a subpar VPN with few server locations that exposes information about you to anyone willing to pay? Get a premium one and enjoy:

No logs or ads

No logs or ads

Free VPNs rely on selling your data or swarming you with ads to keep themselves running. A premium VPN service will never do that.

Unlimited data

Unlimited data

Free VPNs limit how long you can stay connected to their servers or how much data you can use and download. Premium VPNs don’t.

Thousands of servers

Thousands of servers

Free VPNs provide only a few servers, while paid VPNs have thousands. More VPN servers — fewer people, which means a faster VPN connection.

Blazing speeds

Blazing speeds

Free VPNs rarely have enough resources to maintain fast servers and minimize speed drops. Premium VPNs have that & more.

Over 100 locations & 3200 servers for your Xbox

All servers
Australia AUS
Brazil BRA
Canada CAN
Chile CHL
France FRA
Germany DEU
Hong Kong HKG
India IND
Israel ISR
Japan JPN
New Zealand NZL
Norway NOR
Netherlands NLD
Singapore SGP
South Korea KOR
Spain ESP
Sweden SWE
Switzerland CHE
Turkey TUR
United Kingdom GBR
United States USA
All servers


Can I use a VPN on Xbox One?

Directly no, you can’t install a VPN on your Xbox One. But you can connect your Xbox to a VPN-protected Wi-Fi router, computer, or a mobile hotspot (or any other internet-sharing device that allows VPN protection).

Here are our two guides on:

  1. How to set up a VPN-protected hotspot on Windows
  2. How to install a VPN on a router

Is there a free VPN for Xbox One?

There is no free VPN (or paid) explicitly designed for Xbox, but cybersecurity experts recommend avoiding free VPNs altogether. 

Why? Because nothing in the cybersecurity world is truly free. Either you pay with money or with your data. So don’t compromise your security & get a premium VPN like Surfshark. 

Will using a VPN with my Xbox One protect my identity?

Yes. A VPN will protect your data & identity by changing your IP (Internet Protocol) address. 

Does using a VPN for Xbox One boost gaming speeds?

Not really. A VPN focuses on your privacy rather than improving speed. Routing your internet connection via another server takes time, so it’s unlikely to experience a speed boost with a VPN. 

However, that’s not impossible. If your ISP is throttling or somehow limiting your internet connection, a VPN will resolve that and increase your speeds.

Do any VPNs work on Xbox?

Any VPN you can set up a Windows PC hotspot or router on will work.

However, you can’t install any VPN app directly on Xbox One or any other Xbox console as they don’t have native VPN support.

How do you use a VPN on Xbox?

To use a VPN on Xbox, you have two choices:

  1. Set up a VPN-protected hotspot on Windows
  2. Install a VPN on a router

After that, just connect your Xbox to the VPN-protected wireless network and you’re good to go.

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