Whitelister™: the VPN split tunneling


Exclude specific apps or websites from connecting via VPN. It works great for accessing local & foreign websites at the same time, or simply connecting to your network printer.


How can Whitelister™ benefit you?


  • Keep your sensitive data (like P2P downloads) secure via an encrypted VPN tunnel.
  • Exclude data-heavy apps or websites that don’t need protection from connecting via VPN to improve speed.
  • Access network devices – like a printer – with no hassle while the VPN is on.

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Frequently asked Whitelister™ questions:

1. Do you have a reverse Whitelister™?

Not at the moment. In any case, we strongly recommend routing all your traffic via a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel and only excluding apps or sites that work better without a VPN. For example, your banking app may not work with a VPN, or you won’t be able to access your network printer – these are good examples of what you could exclude with our Whitelister™.

2. Is using Whitelister™ safe?

If you opt to allow specific apps or websites to bypass the VPN connection, you have to take note that this traffic will not be secured by our industry-leading encryption. If you want to keep all your data encrypted, then it’s better to opt out of using this feature. However, if you’re on a private connection (using your mobile data or password-protected, internal Wi-Fi/LAN at home or other trusted place), excluding a few apps or websites should be fine.

3. Is Whitelister™ the same as split tunneling?

Yes, it’s the same feature as split tunneling that you may be familiar with from other VPNs, made the Surfshark way.

Get a VPN with Whitelister™