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Maintain control with split tunneling

  • Choose which data you want to encrypt
  • Use two different IP addresses at the same time
  • Keep your original speed on traffic you don’t want to protect
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What is VPN split tunneling (Bypasser)?

What is VPN split tunneling (Bypasser)?

VPN split tunneling – called Bypasser on the Surfshark VPN app – is the software capability to have only some of your internet traffic go through the VPN while the rest uses the internet as usual. And you’re the one to decide when it happens.

Let’s say you’re using your Windows 10 computer and notice that Youtube is running slow with the VPN. Simply add it to split tunneling and it’ll use the internet as if you didn’t have a VPN at all.

Why use split tunneling?

Secure sensitive data

Although sometimes you may want to turn the VPN off for certain things, there is information you always want to secure. That’s where split tunneling comes in. You can encrypt some data and leave other data unencrypted.

Use different IP addresses

A VPN changes your IP address to the VPN server’s IP. When you choose to bypass some apps from VPN use, those will use your own IP. This way you can use two IPs at once and access local content on specific apps while staying hidden on the others.

Access wireless home devices

Your wireless home devices (e.g., printers) use your real IP to connect to your other devices (e.g., phone). If a VPN changes your phone's IP, things could get tricky. Simply add the app connecting your phone and printer to Bypasser, and they will always be connected!

Exclude data-heavy apps

Using a VPN may slow your speed down. Usually, this drop won’t impact you much, yet there may be times when this interferes with what you want to do. Simply use Bypasser to choose which apps do not require encryption and they will run at your normal speed.

Is VPN split tunneling secure?

Is VPN split tunneling secure?

Yes, split tunneling is completely secure. However, since it’s used to remove the VPN connection from certain apps or websites, those apps or websites are subject to the same risks as if you were not using a VPN. 

The apps or websites you use with split tunneling: 

  • No longer benefit from the encryption;
  • Are no longer hidden from hackers or your ISP;
  • Risk the security of any corporate networks when used at work;
  • Are not visible to employers on work networks.

Features exclusive to Surfshark’s Bypasser

Surfshark is not your average VPN. Some other VPNs offer split tunneling, but they provide no solution when you’d rather run the VPN on only a few apps or websites. Surfshark’s Bypasser gives you full control:



Exclude traffic you do not want to be encrypted.

Best when: you have just a few apps or websites you want to work outside of our connection.

Route via

Route via

Include traffic you want to be encrypted.

Best when: you have just a few apps or websites you want to work under our connection.

How to use VPN split tunneling

Step 1

Sign up for Surfshark & create an account.

Step 2

Download our Windows VPN or Android VPN app (we’re adding Bypasser to others soon!)

Step 3

Go to your Surfshark app and click Bypasser.

Step 4

Add apps or websites you want to be excluded from our encryption.

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