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VPN for Multiple Devices

One Subscription for Unlimited Connections

Surfshark protects all of your devices on a single account

Surfshark is the best VPN for multiple devices. It is unique among VPNs in that a single subscription is enough for you to protect every internet-connected thing you have. 

You don’t have to worry about running out of installs. You don’t have to bother about logging out of the client on one device to connect on another. 

Install it, connect it, and forget it. Let Surfshark protect your home and business in the background.

Single VPN account - an endless list of protected devices

There are no technical issues that prevent a VPN from working on many devices at the same time. That’s why VPN suppliers offer the ability to protect more than one device at a time – and that’s why Surfshark can give you unlimited VPN installs. If you want to run it on your phone, laptop, and your smart TV at the same time, a single Surfshark account is enough.

VPN for your home

This is the ultimate family VPN plan. With a single Surfshark account, you can secure your own computer or a router, and become untraceable online. 

Your significant other’s laptop and phone will be safe from hackers even when they’re using the public Wi-Fi at a cafe. Your children’s tablets? Protected from DNS hijacking that would reroute them to pages they shouldn’t see. 

And don’t forget your smart TV – you don’t want hackers using it to tell you to subscribe to some YouTube channel. 

You’ll run out of devices before you run out of Surfshark installs. 

VPN for your business

If you’re looking for a VPN for a small business, you’ll be delighted to know that a single Surfshark account is enough for the entire office.

It’s not only affordable – it’s also easy to install and maintain. Have your employees put Surfshark on their phones and laptops, and they’ll be protected even when traveling and using public Wi-Fi. 

You’re already using a multitude of online tools to organize work – now, it’s time to secure your connection.

VPNs by the (device) numbers

Here’s how Surfshark stacks up against other VPNs:

Devices Unlimited 7 6 5 5 5

Get one Surfshark account and secure every device you have

Unlimited devices would mean nothing if you couldn’t install the VPN on anything. Surfshark is proud to support a great variety of platforms:

Desktops and laptops


Be it your artwork, homework or leisure, protect it all with Surfshark


Add more security to the most wide-spread operating system


You’re already operating an almost untraceable system - time to go stealth online

Phones and Tablets


Your new phone meets a new sense of security


Your OS is open source but your information doesn’t have to be

Browser Plug-Ins


Incognito mode doesn’t hide your traces online - Surfshark does


So many amazing extensions - get the one that’s great for your security. Get Surfshark

Smart TVs


Get the most of FireTV and watch it in safety with Surfshark

Apple TV

Wherever your Apple devices go, make sure Surfshark follows


We don’t know what TV you have and neither should the hackers



Make your console exclusive to you by securing your connection with Surfshark


Greatness awaits - make sure hackers don’t!

Put VPN on your router and protect the entire home

Sometimes, you just can’t be bothered to install a VPN on every device you have. You may also want to secure your friends and guests when they come over. Or maybe you have a large office, or you get visited by many clients a day. How do you secure them all?

You install Surfshark on the router! That way, you’ll be protecting everyone who connects to your Wi-Fi. Your room-mates, your friends, your family, clients, visitors, even the neighbors stealing your internet – all of them will be defended by your VPN client. 

Combine this with Surfshark’s support of unlimited devices, and you only become limited by your imagination. Secure multiple offices at the same time. Only turn on VPN on your phone when you leave the protective bubble of your home or office Wi-Fi network. If you can think of it, you can do it.

Protect your devices even without installing

The Internet of Things is expanding rapidly. From your Alexas and Google Homes to your light bulbs and fridges, everything needs to be connected.

But what happens when a device isn’t smart enough for Surfshark to be installed on it? Then you can use the “VPN on a router trick” we mentioned above. 

With Surfshark installed and running on your router, every device that connects to your Wi-Fi will benefit from a VPN. Fan of your Chromecast? Now you can protect it as well!

Surfshark: The Best VPN for Multiple Devices

All of the Devices!