MultiHop™ – connect via several VPN servers


Add an extra layer of security. With MultiHop™, you can connect via two different servers, increasing the complexity of our industry-leading encryption.


How can MultiHop™ benefit you?


  • Add an extra layer of security
  • Hide your real location & traffic even more reliably
  • Improve your privacy online every time
  • In some cases, you can improve your connection speed

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Frequently asked MultiHop™ questions:

1. How can I use MultiHop™ on my device?

Go to the full server list, and you will see MultiHop™ on the right upper corner of your screen. Click it, and you can select any pair that you will then connect through. That’s it!

If you’re having any issues, please contact us by the live chat you can find on the bottom right corner on the website, or simply email us at [email protected]

2. Does MultiHop™ slow down the internet?

While simply connecting via Surfshark should not affect your speed much, the fact that your data is encrypted and routed via two different servers naturally affects the speeds. It’s faster to connect via a single server than via MultiHop™.

3. How can I improve my connection speed with MultiHop™?

In some cases, you may want to access something that’s very far from you – for example, in the United States.

That’s the case where you’d want to use the Netherlands – United States pair. If you’re relatively close to the Netherlands, you will connect faster via this pair because we will handle the traffic in our servers where it’s routing from the Netherlands to the US and back.

You will get your usual speed while connecting to the first location, and then we’ll handle it from thereon. In a nutshell, it will be much quicker for you to route your traffic to Netherlands and then to US than it would be if you were simply connecting to the US in the first place.

If you’re looking for best speeds, it’s always recommended to connect to the closest server.

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