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The best VPN routers for your home in 2024

  • Compatible with all devices that connect to routers
  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Secures your entire household with one device
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What is a VPN router?

What is a VPN router?

A VPN router is a Wi-Fi router with a VPN installed on it. Some routers come pre-installed with this feature; others require a manual install. To install a VPN on a router, you need to flash the router firmware. Whether you can flash the router you already have depends on the make and model. 

Most VPN routers cover the whole network under the VPN umbrella, while the more advanced ones let you manage your VPN connections separately. Either way, they provide a VPN service without the need to install VPN software on each connected device. 

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Top 5 VPN routers for your home

If you’re looking for the best VPN routers for home use, you landed at the right place!

InvizBox 2 VPN router

1. InvizBox 2 VPN router


  • Surfshark-ready
  • Very easy to use
  • Multiple VPN hotspots
  • Automatic security and feature updates
  • Open-source


  • 2 Ethernet ports

The InvizBox 2 VPN stands out because it is configured for Surfshark — setting up a VPN router has never been this easy.

2. Vilfo


  • Allows split tunneling
  • Comes with the needed Surfshark configurations
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast even with a VPN connection


  • Supports dual-band, but only one can be active at a time

Vilfo VPN router is an excellent option with Surfshark with its blazing speed and easy setup. All the needed Surfshark installations are already prepared for you.

Synology RT2600AC

3. Synology RT2600AC


  • Fast connection speeds
  • Easy to use
  • Many ports


  • Not that cheap

Synology RT2600AC is a wonderful VPN router for home use. It offers excellent speed and great connections.

4. Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router


  • Good speed
  • Gaming-optimized


  • May be difficult to set up

Whether you’re a video streaming or online gaming fan, the  Asus RT-AC86U router is an excellent choice.

Asus RT-AC86U AC2900 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Gaming Router
GLiNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Smart Router “Mango”

5. GLiNet GL-MT300N-V2 Mini Smart Router “Mango”


  • Cheap
  • Small and mobile
  • Easy VPN setup


  • Limited Wi-Fi speed
  • No multi-antenna benefits

“Mango” is a tiny router that easily fits in your pocket. It’s also very easy to configure for Surfshark VPN.

Why do you need a VPN router?

You have multiple reasons to want (and need) a VPN router. Here are a few of them:

Protect your entire household

Protect your entire household

Have some guests over and don’t want their devices to be a security risk to your network? With a VPN router, you won’t need to worry. It protects every device connected to it. You’ll be secure without taking extra steps using your home Wi-Fi.

Relax with an easy-to-use connection

Relax with an easy-to-use connection

Setting up every device in your household sounds exhausting? You’re in luck! You only need to set up a VPN router once, and then you can forget about it. Stop worrying about changing settings or pressing the same button over and over to ensure everyone is protected.

Get 24/7 VPN security

Get 24/7 VPN security

Worried your kids won’t pay attention to security risks? Worry no more: a VPN router means you never have to turn it on yourself. You are protected the moment you connect to the VPN router’s network.

Secure devices that aren’t compatible

Secure devices that aren’t compatible

Your phones, laptops, and TVs might have easy-to-use apps, but what about your Smart fridge or Alexa? If they're connected to the internet, they can be hacked. Since you can't install VPN apps on them, here's your best solution: a VPN router that covers everything.

How to choose a VPN router and what to look for

Get yourself a VPN-compatible router and look for these specifications:



The 2.4 GHz band provides a slower Wi-Fi connection, but it’s stronger and goes further. The 5 GHz one is the band that enables high-quality streaming, but it’s weaker.



The higher the speed on any given band, the faster your connection will be. The listed 2.4 GHz speeds will always be lower than 5 GHz, though some routers might be better at one band than the other.

Wireless sophistication

Wireless sophistication

A good router supports the 802.11ac standard and features “multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output” that efficiently splits bandwidth between multiple devices.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Install wizards and apps are vital — installing and controlling a router via a modern web interface is much better and easier.



They’re important for those who want to fully use a router’s functionality by connecting other devices and peripherals.

Internet provider compatibility

Internet provider compatibility

Before buying a new router, ensure it works with your internet service provider. This is self-explanatory but very important.

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How to set up your VPN router

The short side of it — follow these steps to set up a VPN on your router:

  1. Type in your IP address into your web browser’s address bar.
  2. Configure your OpenVPN client. This step might differ depending on what router you’re rocking.
  3. Go to advanced settings and locate the VPN tab.
  4. Enable the OpenVPN option and connect to the VPN.

Keep in mind that details may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer. So here are some step-by-step guides to keep you in the know.

And that’s not all of them. If you can’t find your router on our list reach out to our customer support team, and they’ll be able to help.

If you wish to learn more about installing a VPN on a router in general, then we’ve got you covered!

How to set up your VPN router

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If you’re still unsure whether Surfshark would work with your router, you can always test it. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can enjoy the full benefits of a premium subscription with no risk. Didn’t work with your router? Wasn’t the right solution for you? You can always say no and get a refund.

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Are VPN routers any good?

VPN routers are good for encrypting the whole network and protecting your devices that aren’t VPN-compatible.

If you’re asking if a VPN-oriented router is any good, then there’s one thing to remember. Manual VPN installation requires deeper knowledge of how routers work because improper configuration may disrupt network connectivity. So, VPN-oriented routers may save you time, money, and the struggle of installing a VPN manually.

And if you’re asking, “Are VPN routers worth it?” — for some, not really, but for security-conscious people, it’s better to stay safe than be sorry afterward. So, to each their own.

What are the limitations of VPN routers?

Router setups aren’t perfect. There are a few downsides to be aware of:

  1. The setup may be tricky;
  2. Switching the VPN server on a router isn’t as easy as using an app on your device;
  3. It doesn’t protect the connection to the router.

What routers work with Surfshark VPN?

Here are our support team’s best compatible routers picks:

  • InvizBox 2 VPN
  • Vilfo VPN
  • NetDuma R1 easy to configure;
  • ASUS routers: RT-N56U, RT-AC86U, DSL-AC51, RT-AC3200, AC68U, RT-N66U, AC66U, AC52U, RT-AC51U, AX88U, Rapture GT-AC2900.

Do I need a special router for a VPN connection?

Not really. Some routers cannot support VPN connections, but most of them are outdated anyway. Chances are, the router you have at home already supports VPNs.

How do you know if your router supports VPNs?

You can always check online by searching your router model and specifications. For example, most routers that can run OpenVPN can support a Surfshark connection. And, as we mentioned above, there are VPN routers that come with Surfshark pre-installed and configured.

Can I use a VPN router with multiple devices?

Yes, you can access a VPN router network with separate devices. That’s actually the intended purpose of a VPN router — to have network-wide encryption so that every device at your home is secured.

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