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Why you should use a VPN in Portugal

Effectively protect your connection

Effectively protect your connection

Are you worried about your internet service provider (ISP) knowing your every move online? Don’t feel like leaving your IP address anywhere you go? Then you need a VPN. Encryption keeps the contents of your data unreadable between you and the VPN server, throwing a wrench in the ISPs (or whoever tapped them to listen in on you) plans and connecting to a VPN server gives you a new IP!

Feel secure browsing on public Wi-Fi

Feel secure browsing on public Wi-Fi

Public internet hotspots in Portugal are great: they save our precious mobile data and help us when we’re traveling. Sometimes using open Wi-Fi hotspots is the only solution, but we rarely think about the dangers that unsecured networks pose. It’s a perfect environment for hackers to sniff out your data unless you use a VPN. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Portugal or away, a VPN can protect you all the way.

Defeat bandwidth throttling

Defeat bandwidth throttling

“Bandwidth throttling” is an intentional slowing down of your connection by the ISP. It’s done to preserve network resources and thus serve more clients without expanding the infrastructures. Throttling usually targets such intensive activities like gaming, streaming, and downloading. But if your data is encrypted, there’s no way to tell that you’re doing that!

Stay one step ahead of censorship

Stay one step ahead of censorship

Portugal rates highly on whichever freedom index you care to look at, but not all of the world is the same. There are plenty of social media blockages and censorship around the world. So if you end up traveling away from Portugal - or just live in one of those countries - connect to a VPN server in Portugal to get all your desired online benefits.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in ways that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

A Portugal VPN that transforms your internet experience

Easily hide your IP address

Easily hide your IP address

Choose any global server from the selection of 3200+ and switch to a different IP address in one click. When your real Portuguese IP address is hidden, you’re safe from any prying eyes, ISP interference, and data theft.

Connect to unlimited devices

Connect to unlimited devices

Use your VPN account on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, fireTV, and more. If you download Surfshark, you can use one account on an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously. Give it to your mum, dad, and siblings!


Is using a VPN in Portugal legal?

Yes. There are no laws restricting VPN use in any way.

How does a VPN protect my privacy in Portugal?

A VPN encrypts your data; thus, no one who wants to monitor it can decode it. That goes for ISPs, cybercriminals, governments, digital advertisers, and anyone else.

Whether you’re on public Wi-Fi in Porto or sending vacation pictures to your family while you’re abroad, a VPN significantly decreases the chances of hacking and snooping at your activity.

Will using a Portugal VPN slow down my connection?

It might, but it depends on multiple factors.

Your internet speed can be determined by how far the VPN server is that you’re connected to. It’s normal for the connection to slow down if the server is far away from your real location. 

If you experience unpleasant changes in the internet speed, it could also be due to VPN protocol settings or the type of data encryption.

To learn more about how to avoid a slower internet connection with a VPN, check out this helpful how-to article.

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