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Why use a VPN in the UK?

Fast local servers for optimal speed

With quality servers in the United Kingdom and countries nearby, you have a reliable and fast connection.

Access content from the UK and beyond

Binge-watch your favourites from UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 privately - even when you’re traveling abroad. Fancy Japanese Netflix instead? Surfshark has you covered.

Unblock websites privately and securely

UK has a history of site restrictions, covering torrent and adult sites, amongst others. With a UK VPN, you can freely access anything on the internet.

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UK VPN questions and answers

Is using a VPN legal in the UK?

Yes. There are no laws that restrict the use of VPNs in the UK. However, you should never have the intention of committing a malicious act when using a VPN. All international laws still apply.

Are VPNs worth the money?

Although it’s generally a good idea to use a VPN no matter where you live, it’s even more true in the UK.

Reporters Without Borders even listed the UK as one of the “Enemies of the Internet” in 2014 because of excessive site blocking and government snooping. This translates to actual censorship due to how systematic it is.

A lot of legitimate websites are blocked by ISPs. That can include libraries, educational sites, and others that have zero inappropriate content. Plus, torrent sharing sites and pornography also fall into the blocked category.

With a VPN, you can access all of these sites in privacy, without your ISP or the government knowing that you are. Plus, it also unlocks global streaming content and can even help you save money!

Can you be tracked if you use a VPN?

Surfshark uses industry-leading technologies that protect your data very well. Without getting into technical details, it basically makes snooping on you near impossible. Plus, it doesn’t look like you’re using a VPN from the outside.

However, you do have to be mindful about what you post online. If you willingly share seemingly innocuous details, it can actually make tracking you very easy. Therefore always think before you post.

A UK VPN you can rely on

Unblock torrent & other websites

The UK has a history of blocking torrent sites. A VPN for UK allows you to freely use the internet and visit websites that would otherwise be blocked. The best part? It also makes you private and secure.

Be private with a strict no-logs policy

Our strict no-logs policy means that we don’t monitor, track, or log anything you do when you connect to VPN. Since this information is literally never stored, it remains known to you, and to you only.

Access any content privately

Watch streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, NOW TV, HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with a private internet connection. All of your data is encrypted and secure when you are using a UK VPN.

Mask your IP address

Your IP address reveals more about you than you might think. That includes your actual location and even what torrents you download! IP masking is a must for adequate security & privacy online.

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