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"Our favorite thing about this VPN service is that your subscription covers unlimited devices."


"Surfshark is a fantastic alternative to the biggest names in VPN."

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Top VPN providers compared

Price Devices Netflix libraries Ram-only servers 24/7 customer support
Surfshark £1.95/mo Unlimited 15 libraries YES YES
Express VPN £6.94/mo 5 YES NO YES
Nord VPN £2.69/mo 6 7 libraries YES YES
CyberGhost £2.1/mo 7 4 libraries YES YES
IP Vanish £6.49/mo 10 2 libraries NO YES

How to find the best UK VPN?

There are several ways to determine which VPN is best:

Compare the prices

Choose a VPN that offers a great value for a price. Be sure to choose the one that has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. On the other hand, don’t fall for free VPNs either - they’re almost universally incapable of unlocking what you want to stream, but they may even be dangerous for your data.

Check servers and countries

The more countries a VPN offers, the better your access to content will be. Similarly, more servers ensure better speeds and better accessibility in case streaming services start banning VPNs.

Look over for Netflix libraries

Streaming Netflix is one of the most popular use cases for VPN, so check if the VPN supports it - and how many libraries it has access to.

Don't compromise on security

Look for VPNs that support 256-bit encryption and IKEv2, OpenVPN, or Shadowsocks protocols - anything else is outdated and unsecure.

Ask for unlimited devices

If a single VPN account allows you to install it in all of your devices, that’s a big bonus.

The benefits of using a UK VPN

Unlock worldwide content at home

The UK Netflix library is pretty extensive. But you know what’s even bigger? The US Netflix library that offers 4035 movies vs UK’s 3831. People on the other side of the pond also get to enjoy channels like Hulu and Peacock. Don’t be left out - get a VPN and stream what you want right at your own home.

Access unlimited content wherever you are

Don’t want to give up the BBC iPlayer habit even when you’re on vacation? Just happened to travel to a country that blocks Instagram or other social media networks? School Wi-Fi blocks Soundcloud? Overcome these blocks with a VPN for the UK.

Shield your browsing data

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) - think BT, Sky Broadband, Vodafone UK - can sift through your data. This isn’t great when it leads to bandwidth throttling. It’s even worse when you’re living in a country that’s an enthusiastic participant in the Five-Eyes intelligence-sharing network. Get a VPN and encrypt your data for safety.

Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi

Whether you need to look up Google Maps in London, show a cat video at a pub, or just check the weather before heading out from your hotel somewhere in Spain, you’re probably using public Wi-Fi, especially if it’s free. But this puts your data - account logins, messages, and more - at risk. Protect yourself on public Wi-Fi with a UK VPN wherever you travel.

How To Get UK VPN


Sign up for a Surfshark account


Download and install your apps & log in!


Click “Connect” - you’ll be connected to the fastest server.

Surfshark VPN: as fast as your net can handle

Enter Surfshark, fast VPN with optimized servers for streaming, file sharing, privacy, and security. The variety of locations and servers means you can always find one close to your online destination. Moreover, if your ISP is engaged in speed throttling, your connection may actually improve. A VPN obscures your data from the ISP, so it doesn’t know when to throttle!

And if you use it on mobile, you can improve your speed and save mobile data due to all the ads being blocked at the source!


Is VPN illegal in the UK?

VPN use is legal in the UK. That said, using VPN for illegal means – like piracy – is still punishable by law. Surfshark does not endorse using VPN for illegal activities.

How much does a VPN cost in the UK?

It depends, but no such thing as a free VPN exists. Some of them may be free, but that comes at the cost of security, privacy, and quality of life. 

Now, when it comes to paid VPNs, there is a stage where they can become unreasonably expensive. To generalize, you don’t need to get a VPN that costs above £10 per month.

But that’s the high-price you’d get if you bought a 1-month plan. Extended plans – 1 year and more – get progressively and rather drastically cheaper. 

Many options in the £2-£6 range exist, but Surfshark provides a premium service at merely £1.59/mo.

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