Two hands are holding a frame with the brand-new Surfshark certification badge.

Good news, folks! Surfshark Antivirus has been certified by the industry-leading antivirus testing establishment AV-Test! So buckle up, grab your popcorn, and let’s get into the details!

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    What is AV-Test?

    AV-TEST is an independent organization that evaluates and tests the quality of online security solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, AV-TEST provides impartial and objective evaluations that can help you decide when selecting antivirus software.

    This time they tested Surfshark Antivirus on Windows devices. Here you can find a detailed certification report. 

    What does this mean for us?

    We’re proud to be certified by this top-notch certification institution. Even though Surfshark Antivirus is quite a young product in the antivirus market, we’re already swimming in the deep seas with some of the biggest sharks. It feels good to be recognized as we strive to bring innovations & make online security accessible for everyone. 

    What does this mean for you?

    It’s simple. You’re using a quality product that delivers what it promises. Surfshark Antivirus is certified to keep your device malware-free & another antivirus testing company proved it once again. 

    Moreover, Surfshark Antivirus performed the best in the usability category. We’re especially happy about this since we believe online security should be quick & easy. You shouldn’t need a course on how to use it.

    What’s next? 

    More tests! We won’t rest on our laurels & will continue testing regularly. Besides that, many new features are coming for Surfshark Antivirus users, so cheers to a malware and virus-free future ahead!

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