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Why use a VPN in Estonia?

Stay private and secure online

Stay private and secure online

Estonia is among countries considered the best for internet freedom. While researching, analysts looked into internet access, freedom of expression, and privacy issues. However, public WiFi hotspots are dangerous, regardless of where you live. A VPN keeps you private by masking your IP address.

Bypass censorship and firewalls

Bypass censorship and firewalls

Work or school got you down by blocking access to your favorite websites and games? With a VPN, you’ll make short work of restriction!

Speedy local servers

Speedy local servers

An Estonia VPN ensures you the smoothest internet experience with fast servers. Even when you’re in a faraway land, you’ll have excellent internet speed with no interruptions.

We prohibit using Surfshark services for any unlawful purposes as it is against our Terms of Service. Please be sure to act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of streaming service providers.

An Estonian VPN you can rely on

Secure all your devices

Secure all your devices

Sign up for Surfshark and use that account for an unlimited amount of devices: give it to your family as well. Browse privately on your smartphone, tablet, and computer in Estonia and beyond.

Your privacy belongs to you

Your privacy belongs to you

With a VPN, you’ll take control of your own digital life. Surfshark VPN doesn’t log any of your data, so your internet activity is hidden not only from your internet service provider (ISP), websites you visit, hackers but also from the VPN provider itself as it uses a strong end-to-end encryption.

Estonia VPN FAQ

Is VPN in Estonia legal?

Yes. There are currently no laws in Estonia limiting or restricting VPN use.

Does an Estonia VPN slow down your internet?

VPNs can have a negative effect on that. However, modern VPNs like Surfshark continuously work on improving infrastructure, so the users don’t experience drops in internet speed.

Read this article on tips and tricks that should help you improve your internet connection.

Which VPN is the strongest for Estonia?

The strongest VPN for Estonia is the one that has the following characteristics: minimal effect on internet speed, no data-logging, a fair amount of servers, software compatibility (make sure a VPN supports all your devices’ operating systems). Get a VPN that you don’t have to think about while it’s connected.

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