Hide your IP: protect your privacy

hide ip address

Your IP can reveal a lot about you – like your location, torrent downloads, and even comments online. That’s why using a VPN to hide your IP can safeguard your privacy.


How can hiding your IP address benefit you?


  • Keep your torrent download history private
  • Hide your real location
  • Prevent your real identity from being connected to your online identity
  • Make sure your comments in forums are not tied to your IP
  • Appear like you’re connecting from a different country

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Hiding your IP FAQ

1. Should you hide your IP address?

If you care about protecting your privacy online, hiding your IP is definitely the right thing to do. Although you should still be careful about what you reveal online when you comment in forums, post on social media, and the likes, if your real IP is hidden, it makes it harder for anyone to track you.

2. Is hiding your IP illegal?

No. It’s completely legal.

3. Does incognito mode hide your IP?

No. In most commonly used browsers, all that incognito mode does is abstain from recording your browsing history on your device and doesn’t save things like cookies. However, that doesn’t mean your browsing history is automatically private (your Internet Service Provider can still access it if they want to), and you’re still using the internet with your original IP address. To hide your IP, you need to turn on a reliable, security-focused VPN that will do that for you.

4. How do I block my IP address from being tracked?

A good – and simple – way is to use a VPN. Some privacy-focused browsers also offer some anti-tracking features; however, you should investigate the browser to fully understand what they’re offering. We have a detailed blog post that covers the topic. Please note that the most common browsers usually also don’t offer things like end-to-end encryption, which is crucial to secure your traffic.

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