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Fast, private and secure Turkey VPN

  • Bypass government censorship
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turkey vpn

Why use a VPN in Turkey?

Access social media and blocked websites

Access censored Turkish and international media, including Twitter and messaging apps. With a VPN, you can unlock all of the more than 240,000 blocked websites! You can use Facebook, YouTube, and any other sites in complete privacy. Plus, if any new sites are blocked in the future, you will be able to also access them with a VPN.


Disclaimer: Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

Fast servers for optimal speed

While our RAM-only servers guarantee privacy, each server also comes with at least a single 1Gbps port to ensure good bandwidth. Stream without buffering or dropped connections without sacrificing your digital freedom with servers in Turkey or anywhere else in the world.

Protect your privacy from the government

Media is severely restricted in Turkey, and some journalists even received lengthy prison sentences for speaking out. The new social media censorship law that’s recently come into force puts restrictions on freedom even further – unless you use a VPN.

Why is Surfshark the best Turkey VPN?

Obfuscated servers

Obfuscated servers

In short, obfuscation is like a VPN for your VPN. This technology masks the VPN traffic so that it looks like any regular internet usage, hiding the fact that you use this privacy tool from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the government.


MultiHop, a.k.a. Double VPN

In need of some extra security? Use Surfshark’s MultiHop feature which is simply a double VPN connection. You can connect via server pairs in two different locations, therefore adding an additional layer of privacy to your browsing.

Industry-leading encryption

Industry-leading encryption

The AES-256-GCM encryption that Surfshark uses would quite literally take years to crack. Combined with perfect forward secrecy, it gives you secure access to the internet.

RAM-only servers

RAM-only servers

While the information stored on the servers’ hard drive is usually minimal, RAM-only servers mean that even tiny pieces of info are wiped immediately once the servers are disconnected. That means even if they were seized, no data at all could be found.

No-logs policy

Strict no-logs policy

If a VPN you use is unreliable, it could potentially monitor everything you do online. That’s why Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy and doesn’t record anything you do! We also provide a warrant canary page that would display any official requests for our users’ data we have received.

Independent security audit

Independent security audit

Security is great, but proven security is where it’s really at. That’s why Surfshark underwent independent security audits and passed them with flying colors.

Turkey VPN questions and answers

Can a VPN help me fight censorship?

Yes. Since a new law restricting social media use has recently come into effect, a VPN can be a saving grace for Turkish citizens.

With a VPN, your privacy is protected, and you can visit websites that are blocked by the government or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thanks to security technology such as obfuscated servers, even your ISP won’t know that you use a VPN.

A VPN offers secure and private access to the internet without any borders or limits.

Is VPN legal in Turkey?

Yes, using a VPN is legal in Turkey. However, the government is taking steps to block access to VPN providers, and to block their servers, therefore not all VPNs might work there.

Thanks to Surfshark’s NoBorders mode, you’ll be able to use it in Turkey without any issues.

Are there any good free VPNs?

Some reputable VPN providers do offer free, albeit very limited plans. Unfortunately, that means slow access with a specific, low number of MBs you will get.

Please be wary of the VPNs that propose completely free, no-string-attached types of plans. According to this research on free VPNs found on the Android app store, there are a lot of issues in these apps. 

18% don’t encrypt traffic, which basically means they don’t help with your privacy or security. Even more alarmingly, 38% contain malware, and 84% leak user data. All of these points defeat any reason you may have to use a VPN in the first place.

Can the police track a VPN?

In short, no. You cannot track live VPN traffic, provided that your VPN uses adequate security measures. Here’s an article that we have on this topic, explaining everything in detail. 

However, the government may ask your provider to share information about its users, which is why it’s very important to pick a VPN that doesn’t keep any logs. Surfshark also has a Warrant canary page where we would disclose any such requests if we ever receive them.

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