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Japanese VPN servers


No. of servers worldwide

Choose the best Japanese VPN server for your different needs

For the fastest connection

For the fastest connection

The smaller the distance, the faster your connection. If you want the fastest VPN connection possible, connect to the server closest to you.

For even more security

For even more security

Connect to one of our MultiHop locations if you want an extra kick to your security. This will put your connection through two servers instead of one to improve your privacy even more.

For avoiding censorship

For avoiding censorship

Staying in countries where governments censor the internet infringes on our right to freedom of expression and speech. Use obfuscated servers to bypass censorship and explore the free web wherever you are.

Other server locations popular with people from Japan

Get a local IP address and security benefits with a VPN for Japan

Data protection from snoopers

Data protection from snoopers

Problem: Your online activity benefits big data companies, your internet service provider (ISP), and the government.

Solution: A VPN encrypts (hides under code) your internet traffic and protects it from any extra pairs of eyes prying on what you do online.

Complete privacy online

Problem: Your IP address and location can help data giants build profiles on you (your interests, opinions, health searches, etc.)

Solution: A VPN changes your IP address and hides your location so that no one knows where you’re browsing from or who you are.

Complete privacy online
Safe access to public Wi-Fi

Safe access to public Wi-Fi

Problem: Public Wi-Fi is lovely, but it’s not secure, and Wi-Fi hotspots are easily faked and compromised by hackers.

Solution: A VPN connection encrypts your data before it leaves your device, making your connection impossible to spy on.

Home internet wherever you go

Problem: The internet you can access changes when traveling to different countries because of restrictions and censorship.

Solution: Connect to a VPN server in your country and browse as if you were back home, with access to your favorite content and media sites.

Home internet wherever you go
Cheaper online shopping

Cheaper online shopping

Problem: Online retailers, rental, and airline services often adjust prices according to your location.

Solution: Log out of the site, clear your cookies, and use a VPN to change your location to hunt for cheaper deals all around!

Entertainment with a VPN

Problem: Your ISP can slow (throttle) your connection down if you’re streaming shows or downloading files.

Solution: Connect to a VPN to stream your favorite shows in the privacy of your home without lag or internet throttling.

Disclaimer: we prohibit using Surfshark services for any unlawful purposes as it is against our Terms of Service. Please be sure to act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of streaming service providers.

Entertainment with a VPN
Security for your home fortress

Security for your home fortress

Problem: With Wi-Fi devices like phones, PCs, Roombas, smart TVs, and fridges, you’re easily exposed to cyberthreats.

Solution: Install a VPN on your router to protect your entire home at once.

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If you didn’t see the red string of fate tying you to Surfshark VPN, worry not! We have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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Should I get a free Japanese VPN?

Should I get a free Japanese VPN?

Imagine locking your front door and handing the robber the keys to your house. Sounds silly? Well, it’s the same as using a free VPN. Free VPN services will collect and sell your personal data and bombard you with ads while providing a mediocre connection. Why? Because every VPN service needs to maintain its staff and infrastructure, and it’s either your data and ads or a simple subscription. As far as quality and your privacy are concerned – premium VPNs always beat free.

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Our favorite thing about this VPN service is that your subscription covers unlimited devices — TechRadar

How to get a Japanese IP address

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Enjoy safe browsing from a Japanese IP

Complete online security and privacy in Japan
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Why should I use a VPN in Japan?

Japan is a safe country, and the web doesn’t face much in the way of government censorship. Nevertheless, you would probably want to be safe on public Wi-Fi as those spots can be unsecure or compromised. You may also want to shield your browsing data from the internet service provider snooping. Lastly, if you’re a foreigner in Japan, a VPN can help you reach websites and services in your country by connecting to a domestic VPN server.

Is it legal to use a VPN in Japan?

Yes, using a VPN in Japan is legal. However, it’s still illegal to carry out criminal acts while using a VPN.

Will a VPN slow down my internet speed in Japan?

A VPN may slow down your internet speed in Japan — however, that depends on several factors. Some slowdown is inevitable as a VPN needs some bandwidth to operate. The rest depends on how far you are from the server you’re connecting to.

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