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Why use a VPN in Taiwan?

Shield your online privacy

While Taiwan is a free country, China has a vested interest in it. Prevent companies and the government from using your data for their political needs by using Taiwan VPN when you go online.

Explore local & international content

Stream from local favorites iQiyi, KKTV, V Live, and Tencent Video. If that’s not enough content, you can always binge watch the best shows from HBO Now, different Netflix libraries, BBC iPlayer, or HotStar India.

Fast servers near you

With servers that are located close to you, you can get the best VPN speeds. Forget buffering & lagging - with Taiwan VPN, you’re getting pretty much the same speeds you’re paying for.

Taiwan VPN questions and answers

Do I need a VPN in Taiwan?

The short answer is yes, you do.


You may feel private when you go online, but the reality is unfortunately different. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see what websites you visit, gather your interests from that, and give that data up to other companies or the government. With China looming so close by, that’s a serious threat.

A VPN encrypts all your data and makes sure that spying on you becomes a very difficult job.

Does the Chinese government monitor the internet in Taiwan?

China has always left its mark in Taiwanese politics and society, and the online sphere isn’t any different. Reports are coming out about Chinese monitoring programs and digital influence increasing rapidly.

A VPN will keep your data encrypted and safe from snoopers, be it private ones, or government actors.

Can I use a VPN to download torrents in Taiwan?

Surfshark has dedicated P2P servers for the best torrenting experience. Connect to these with one click and torrent away!

A Taiwanese VPN you can rely on

Protect your online privacy

In the past, the Taiwan government has banned Facebook groups organizing peaceful protests, therefore invading their citizens right to privacy. Use a VPN to exercise your freedom of speech.

Share P2P files securely

Torrenting is illegal in Taiwan. While in practice, these laws are not often enforced, it’s best to always use a VPN to make sure nobody can see your activity.

Explore new content privately with a Taiwanese VPN

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