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Why use a VPN in Vietnam?

Get a local IP address

Get a local IP address

A secure Vietnamese IP address will ensure your online security and privacy. Connect to a Vietnamese server and from home or anywhere else in the world.

Stay safe when streaming

Stay safe when streaming

Afraid a VPN might slow you down while you’re enjoying Netflix? No worries. We have unlimited bandwidth and our VPN servers are geared and ready to accompany you through your streaming journey at the speed of light.

Protect your digital privacy and bypass censorship

Protect your digital privacy and bypass censorship

A reliable VPN is crucial for your online privacy. You can use it to bypass the Bamboo Firewall and to avoid internet censorship. Everything you do online will be protected by industry-leading encryption.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in ways that would potentially violate Terms of Service of other service providers.

A Vietnamese VPN you can rely on

Access content safely

Access content safely

Watch your favorite streaming sites such as HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video privately. When you turn on your Vietnam VPN, all your data is encrypted and secure.

Hide your IP address

Hide your IP address

Your IP address is your internet ID, and it’s exposed without a VPN. However, you can mask your IP with Surfshark and always stay private & safe online.

Enjoy a no-activity-logs policy

Enjoy a no-activity-logs policy

Surfshark VPN doesn't track your online activities and ensures your business is strictly in your hands. We will never monitor or log anything you do when connected to the internet.

Unblock any website

Unblock any website

The Vietnamese government is notorious for blocking many sites that are important for free speech. However, you can easily and discreetly access them with Vietnam VPN.

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Vietnam VPN questions & answers

Are VPNs legal in Vietnam?

Yes, they are. There are no laws stopping you from using a VPN service. However, you’re expected to follow all international laws and terms of service. Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the law or Terms of Service of streaming service providers.

Read more about VPN legality in our dedicated post: Are VPNs legal: A deep dive

Are BBC, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitch blocked in Vietnam?

All of these services either were blocked in the past or are blocked currently. It also depends on the Internet Service Provider that you use.

Due to the lack of internet freedom in Vietnam, there’s no telling what sites are going to be blocked next or for how long. For example, Facebook was once blocked for just a few days. 

To make sure you always have access to any blocked site, it’s a good idea to use a secure VPN.

Is there freedom of speech in Vietnam?

According to the FreedomHouse report in 2018, Vietnam does not have freedom of speech. More than 200 journalists, bloggers, and activists were imprisoned due to expressing views that do not align with what the government says. 

You can be punished for opposing the government’s views, cannot vote for your own government, there is no free and objective media, and that’s just a few examples. All the censorship, control, and government snooping add up to the so-called Bamboo Firewall.

How can I get around blocked websites?

Three steps to get around blocked websites:

  • Step 1: Download and install a VPN.
  • Step 2: Connect to a VPN server outside your country.
  • Step 3: Open the website you were trying to access.

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