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Why use a VPN in Iceland?

Maintain your privacy online

Maintain your privacy online

Freedom House ranks Iceland as one of the countries that ensure the most internet freedom. But the Electronic Communications Act 81/2003 makes the ISPs keep records for six months. Technically, it is only to be used in criminal investigations. Yet Iceland engages in “focused cooperation” with the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance. This can be a reason for concern.

Secure your streaming

Secure your streaming

Do you really want your ISP to know what and when you’re streaming, gaming, or downloading anything? Because when they know, they can engage in bandwidth throttling (also known as slowing down your internet). Avoid that by using a VPN and encrypting your data!

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi

In Iceland, many places to stay, venues, and even buses offer free Wi-Fi. N1 service stations - some of the most widespread gas stations that also serve as stores and cafes - also provide Wi-Fi. Keep your connection safe with an Iceland VPN that will encrypt your data. That way, criminals that may attempt to steal your information via a public Wi-Fi network will not be able to do it.

Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.

An Iceland VPN you can rely on

A dedication to digital privacy and keeping no logs

A dedication to digital privacy and keeping no logs

Iceland may force ISPs to keep logs of activities. Our VPN doesn’t record anything. In fact, Camouflage Mode will prevent ISPs from even knowing that a VPN is in use. Don’t reveal anything to the world except for what you want it to see!

Unlimited devices

Unlimited devices

A single subscription allows you to install Surfshark VPN on as many devices as you want. Secure your phone, your smart TV, your PC, your laptop - even your router. A router VPN allows you to do the setup even more efficiently, perfect if you’re running a mysterious motel near a mysterious volcanic fissure that clones people.

Iceland VPN questions and answers

Is using a VPN legal in Iceland?

Iceland ranks high on internet freedom. Hence, VPNs are absolutely legal in the country. Iceland has thus far only moved to block websites that deal in child pornography. The state also follows the Scandinavian example of fighting against online piracy. Therefore, Iceland has blocked and The Pirate Bay.

Does Iceland follow the GDPR?

Iceland is not a part of the European Union. However, it is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) via EFTA (European Free Trade Association). EFTA established GDPR support on July 20, 2018. Thus, Iceland is now subject to GDPR. Yet, there is a 2003 law that makes the ISPs keep records for six months. The data is supposedly for criminal investigations only. Yet Iceland is cooperating with “Five Eyes” – the intelligence community that includes the US and UK. Knowing what we know about the US and UK spying on private citizens, you may have reasonable doubts about the safety of your data.

Does [insert app name] work in Iceland?

As a rule, Iceland doesn’t block any app you know. Yet some of them might be useless due to local circumstances. For example, Uber was not present in Iceland at the end of 2019, and its prospects were unclear.

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