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VPN Australia for privacy and security

  • Get one of the fastest VPNs on the market
  • Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
  • Secure your online privacy from ad brokers
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australia vpn

Why use a VPN in Australia?

Secure your digital privacy

Secure your digital privacy

In Australia, your internet service provider (ISP) must collect metadata and keep it for two years. That includes things like your IP address, how much bandwidth you use, and where your communication is going to. VPN services can protect your privacy with ease.

Surf the internet fast(er)

Surf the internet fast(er)

In Australia, it’s common for ISPs to throttle your internet connection when you stream shows or download files. Get a VPN to potentially increase download speeds and enjoy smooth browsing at any time of the day.

Why connect to an Australian VPN server?

Change your location online

Change your location online

Sometimes, you don’t want a digital papertrail to lead back to your IP address and your home. So why not connect to an Australian server to throw the pursuit for a loop?

Bypass censorship

Bypass censorship

Is your country banning content that shouldn’t be banned? Are you faced with online censorship? If you’re near Australia, connect to a VPN server there to get both freedom and speed!

Disclaimer: Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in ways that would potentially violate Terms of Service of streaming service providers

Australia VPN: which one is best for you?

Price per month (AUD) Devices Adblocker 24/7 support
Surfshark logo 3.49 Unlimited
11.63 5
4.61 6
3.07 7
5.26 Unlimited
3.03 10

VPN server locations across Australia and beyond

91 servers in Australia alone






3200+ servers in 95+ countries around the world


What is the best VPN in Australia?

The best VPN for Australians is a service that ensures users’ privacy, bypasses geo-blocks, and doesn’t slow down the connection speed.

That’s Surfshark in a nutshell. Why not give us a go?

  • Surfshark employs a strict no-logs policy making sure your online activities stay private.
  • Fast servers take care of your bandwidth-heavy needs.
  • Secure unlimited devices with a single account

Is VPN illegal in Australia?

VPN is legal in Australia. There are some countries in the world where VPN usage is illegal, but there’s only a handful of them.

Is a VPN worth it in Australia?

Yes, it’s worth having a VPN in Australia. It’s necessary to secure your internet traffic and protect your online identity. As your IP address is obfuscated whenever you connect to a VPN server, and a VPN connection is encrypted by default, this is the easiest way to achieve that.  

It can also be helpful to avoid bandwidth throttling (the ISP can’t throttle what it can’t see) and to keep you safe on public Wi-Fi.

Is torrenting illegal in Australia?

Downloading torrents is not illegal. It’s downloading copyrighted material that’s illegal – and we advise against that, either with a VPN or without one.

Is there a free VPN for Australia?

Technically yes, practically no, “free VPN Australia” doesn’t exist. When it comes to daily surfing habits, a paid VPN is better in all ways but price (hard to beat “free”), but it’s when it comes to unlocking content where premium blows free VPN services out of the water. 

  • A premium VPN has more server and server locations
  • A subscription VPN has the funding and incentive to invest in research that boost both security and functionality
  • A paid VPN offers unlimited bandwidth while free VPN services usually throttle to make you buy an upgrade
  • Free VPNs can be brutally unsafe, partially due to lack of funding, but sometimes out of the willingness to exploit the user’s data for profit 

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