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Why use a VPN in Australia?

Fast local servers for optimal speed

Don’t lose any internet speed with bare-metal VPN servers across Australia. Enjoy bufferless streaming and fast torrenting 24/7.

Access content from Australia and beyond

Watch favorites as Nine, Seven, 10, ABC, Stan, Foxtel, Hayu and Netflix in complete privacy. Aditionally, access streaming libraries from across the globe and add foreign content to your watch list.

Secure your digital privacy at home and abroad

In Australia, your ISP must collect so-called metadata that they will keep for 2 years. That includes things like your IP address, how much bandwidth you use, and where your communication is going to. With a VPN, you can protect your privacy with ease.

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Australia VPN questions and answers

Is using a VPN legal in Australia?

There are no laws in Australia that restrict the use of a VPN. However, when you connect to the web with a VPN service, you should not have the intention of committing a malicious act.

What is the best VPN in Australia?

The best VPN for Australians is one that doesn’t slow down the internet too much, unlocks a lot of global content, and ensures the user’s privacy.

Surfshark’s servers are fast, unlock tons of different content worldwide (including numerous different Netflix libraries), and thanks to our strict no-logs policy and a strong focus on security, you are always private when you use our VPN.

Is torrenting illegal in Australia?

Downloading torrents is not illegal. It’s downloading copyrighted material that’s illegal – and we advise against that, either with a VPN or without one.

However, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are required by law to block all torrenting sites in Australia, so without a VPN, you cannot access them at all.

An Australian VPN you can rely on

Access global content securely

Watch your favorite channels such as Nine, Seven, 10, ABC, Fox Sports Australia, HBO and Netflix in complete privacy. Your data is encrypted and secure, which keeps your connection safe from anyone who may have an interest in it.

Enjoy a strict no-logs policy

Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy which basically means that we don’t ever see what you’re up to online. The sites you visit and generally what you do online is for your eyes only.

Surf the internet fast

If you have an ISP that throttles your internet speed, try using an Australia VPN to eliminate this problem. You may even get a faster download speed than your ISP provides!

Unblock torrent websites privately

Torrent sites in Australia are blocked by the Australian government. If you'd like to access these sites, use a VPN to bypass the restriction by simply logging in and connecting.

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