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Why use a VPN connection in Mexico?

Avoid government surveillance

Avoid government surveillance

If you use the internet in Mexico, you are not guaranteed privacy from digital surveillance. To take matters into your own hands, use a secure VPN that will shield your online activities.

Stream securely & lag-free

A VPN lets you stream all your favorite shows, movies, and sports events securely and privately without anyone seeing what you’re up to. Besides, with a VPN, you no longer have to worry about ISP throttling. It’s a win-win situation!

Stream securely & lag-free
Protect all your devices

Protect all your devices

Surfshark allows connecting an unlimited number of devices to one account. It doesn’t matter how many gadgets you have at home you can protect them all at the same time.

Block ads & trackers to save mobile data

Every account comes with a free ad blocker, CleanWeb. In addition to blocking ads, it also gets rid of trackers! Turn it on to save notable amounts of data on your mobile device.

Block ads & trackers to save mobile data

We prohibit using Surfshark services for any unlawful purposes as it is against our Terms of Service. Please be sure to act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of streaming service providers.

Should I get a free VPN in Mexico?

No. Free VPNs are not safe. 

Imagine locking your front door and handing the robber the keys to your house. Sounds silly? Well, it’s the same as using a free VPN. Free VPNs can collect and sell your personal data and bombard you with ads. Why? Because every VPN needs to maintain its staff and service, and it’s either your data and ads or a simple subscription. Regarding quality and your privacy — a premium VPN beats even the best free VPN.

Should I get a free VPN in Mexico?


Which VPN includes Mexico?

Surfshark! Surfshark has VPN servers in Mexico and all over the world.

What is the best free Mexican VPN?

There is no “best free VPN” to use in Mexico. Cybersecurity experts recommend avoiding free VPN services altogether. Why? Because they make money by flooding you with ads or collecting & selling your data. 

We recommend getting a premium VPN provider that is tested, offers unlimited bandwidth & is proven trustworthy, like Surfshark.

Should I get a VPN for Mexico?

Using a VPN in Mexico can be beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. Privacy protection: a VPN encrypts your internet traffic & hides your real IP address, making it difficult for others to track your online activity. This is especially important if you use public Wi-Fi;
  2. Safe entertainment: with a VPN, you can connect to any server and secure your online activities. From watching movies to listening to music — a VPN has your back;
  3. Avoiding censorship: the Mexican government has some restrictions on online content. A VPN helps you bypass these restrictions.


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