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Why use a VPN in Belgium?

Easy access to global content

In addition to the best Belgian shows and movies, you can expand your repertoire to titles from the world’s biggest sites. Think Netflix from different countries, HBO, Hulu, and many others.

Online privacy & security

It’s not just entertainment that Belgium VPN is good for. Using one helps you secure your digital life and ensure that your activities remain private. Evade snoopeers, hackers, and marketers by turning your VPN on!

Quality Belgium servers

Local servers mean that we can guarantee a stable and fast connection. Plus, it gives you access to local favorites from streaming services such as Ooit Gemist, Stievie, Telenet, and VTM GO.

Belgium VPN questions and answers

Can you be tracked if you use a VPN in Belgium?

That depends on how mindful you are online in general.

Surfshark, for example, encrypts all your traffic and prevents your Internet Service Provider from knowing what you do online. However, if you post on social media or forums a lot, you may reveal identifying details about yourself. A VPN will not help you in such cases, so do be mindful when you post.

Are VPNs legal in Belgium?

Yes, they are completely legal.

Are free VPNs reliable?

If a VPN is completely free, it’s not to be trusted. Maintaining VPN infrastructure is an expensive business, and if you are not paying for the product, then it’s likely that you are the product. Such free VPNs may use and abuse your data for profit, which is detrimental for your privacy.

Some legitimate VPN companies offer free versions of their subscriptions. While these are safe to use, they tend to be very limited and may not be right for your needs.

A Belgian VPN you can rely on

Secure your devices

With Surfshark VPN’s unlimited device policy, you can secure all the devices that you have. Encrypt your traffic and know that your private information is protected by experts of the field.

Torrent freely

Access blocked torrent websites and use Surfshark's dedicated P2P servers to torrent with speed, safely and securely.

Open up the internet

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