Czech Republic VPN for privacy & security

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Czech Republic VPN for privacy & security

What does a Czech VPN give you?

Private and secure streaming

Private and secure streaming

Watch your favorites, from the comfort of your home in complete privacy. A VPN shields the information about what you watch so your ISP, hackers, and others can’t peep or snoop around.

Fast local servers for optimal speed

Fast local servers for optimal speed

Our local Czech VPN servers guarantee the best performance for streaming, browsing, gaming, or just about anything else.

Secured online surfing

Secured online surfing

Nobody should have the right to see what you do online. Mask what you do online from everyone - even your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Disclaimer: Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in any way that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of other service providers.


Is VPN in the Czech Republic legal?

Yes, it’s legal. Currently, no laws are regulating VPN use.

Why should I use a VPN in Czechia?

When you use public WiFi, there’s a risk of prying eyes, trackers, and malware. A VPN hides your IP address, giving you an online invisibility cloak. Also, there are more ways to use a VPN like when buying airplane tickets to save some money.

Is using free VPN services in the Czech Republic safe?

No. You should be skeptical of all free online privacy and security services. They have to make money somehow, and if they’re not charging you, they’re selling something without your knowledge. That could be your personal information, online activity, and other data.

Be safe online with a Czechia VPN

Easily hide your IP address

When your IP address is visible, so is your location. Can’t log into your Czech bank account while abroad? Virtually change your location with a VPN and be sure that your browsing experience is safe and private. As long as you use a VPN, even public WiFi hotspots are secure.

Enhance online privacy with no activity logs

We believe that your privacy should belong to you. That’s why Surfshark VPN keeps no logs on your activity, whether you browse with a Czech IP address or connect to a server across the globe.

Be ahead of the game with Czech VPN

Stay private online - try us risk-free for 30 days!

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