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Fast, private and secure Singapore VPN

  • Get a Singapore IP address
  • Avoid government censorship
  • Access your favorite media content from anywhere
  • Stay safe, secure and private online
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singapore vpn

Why use a VPN in Singapore?

Fast local servers for optimal speed

Use our quality, bare-metal servers in Singapore to get the best internet speeds for all the new streaming possibilities that Surfshark opens up!

Access content from Singapore and beyond

Stream a ton of different Netflix libraries and get access to sites like YouTube premium and local content.

Secure your digital privacy at home and abroad

Online censorship by the Singaporean government is increasing. If you use a reliable VPN, you can reclaim your privacy on the internet, and secure all your traffic with industry-leading encryption and the best-yet security protocols.

Singapore VPN questions and answers

Are VPNs legal in Singapore?

There are no laws in Singapore that restrict you from using a VPN. However, you should never utilize a VPN with the intent of committing a malicious act.

Do you need VPN in Singapore?

Absolutely. VPNs are great for your online privacy and security, plus, you can access a lot of foreign content that is unavailable in the country. A good VPN will also unblock any sites that you cannot visit right now!

Which VPN to use in Singapore?

Increasing government censorship means you need a VPN that takes your security and privacy seriously. Look for things such as a strict no-logs policy, advanced encryption and security protocols, as well as audits that prove your provider is doing what they stand for.

Another important aspect is to see whether there are servers near you. It’s the best way to preserve your internet speed!

A Singapore VPN you can rely on

Unblock specific websites

A VPN gives you the power to freely surf the web and access sites that would otherwise be blocked. With a South Korea VPN, you can access blocked sites, torrent sites, and adult sites in complete privacy.

Enjoy a strict no-logs policy

Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy. Your browsing activity is completely private every time you surf with a VPN so, which helps you take back control of your data online.
Surfshark is proud to have a strict no-logs policy that ensures your connection and browsing activity will never be logged. Only you know what you do online.

Access content securely

Watch all of your favorite channels such as CJB, EBS TV, GTB, JIBS, JTV, SBS TV, Netflix South Korea and HBO Asia with a private, encrypted connection to keep your data secure.

Keep your IP address hidden

By using a South Korea VPN, you hide your local IP address from anyone who is trying to monitor your connection to the web. With your IP address masked, there is no way for intruders to know anything about you or your location.

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