Do you hate the content filters that are imposed on the internet? Many services simply block you based on your IP address. For example, certain shows on Netflix are banned in some countries for their content.

This can make it hard to watch your favorite sports and movies. Other things such as messaging services are blocked by governments that want to control the flow of information.
unblock websites in schools

Override school and work filters

We get that you should be working and studying. But sometimes you just want to cool off by surfing the internet. Many workplaces try to ban social media.

You could use a proxy, but there’s a strong chance your traffic can be monitored by the pesky IT admins. A VPN can help make sure they have no idea what you’re up to.
unblock parental controls

Get rid of public Wi-Fi parental controls

Sometimes you are at a hotel or library. It is very likely that they have parental controls set up over what you can view.

You certainly don’t want a hacker to be intercepting your traffic either. A VPN makes your traffic seem like scrambled gibberish to anyone trying to listen in.
avoid government censorship

Avoid government censorship

The internet’s ability to share information in a matter of seconds makes governments feel like a tidal wave might has hit them. A lot of them been cracking down on anything edgy and interesting, or worse – anything that doesn’t suit their views. A VPN will help you access your streaming sites, gaming sites, and social media.

Many corporations and governments are desperately trying to track you too. Your internet service provider likely logs every site you visit. Most sites are building profiles of you to sell to advertisers to. A VPN offers a sure way to frustrate their efforts.

Access any content, instantly

It is so easy to set up a VPN that you’ll wonder why you haven’t gotten to it years ago. All it takes is filling out a quick form, paying for your subscription, and downloading your Surfshark apps. Read on and we’ll show you how.

how VPN works

How does a VPN work?

Your IP address will show up as coming from our VPN servers. We have servers in 50+ countries all over the world, so there’s always one close to you. This helps hide your footprint and bypass filters.
avoid free proxies

Why shouldn’t I just use a free proxy?

Unfortunately, you cannot count on a free provider to keep your privacy intact. A free service simply uses your data as the product to sell. Many “free proxy servers” on the internet are tracking your activities. Even worse – some attempt to log your passwords and personal banking information.

It’s the most likely that people aren’t running a proxy server out of the goodness of their heart. The majority of free proxies pay their rents by inserting ads in your content. Some proxies even try to snag passwords and user information from you. If a service is “free,” you’re probably the product.

It takes large amounts of time and money for a company to run a proper VPN service. They need many servers and a support staff to keep it all operational. In turn, that all means that users have to pay to enjoy a truly private and secure service.

Did you know?

Surfshark unblocks any website in an instant.

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unblock internet

Dive into zero-limits internet

Your traffic will go through our secure tunnel with high-end encryption. Someone must know your password aka private key to view the content of your traffic. No one can inspect or monitor your traffic, which means that you can get past content filters that seek to crash your party.
keep privacy

Keep your Privacy

Your IP address can be changed at will. We have servers all over the planet and all your traffic is routed through and passes through those endpoints. The sites you visit will think you’re from the country of your VPN, because a different IP address lets you appear as someone coming from a certain country. Many people use this to watch content offered in specific countries.
vpn speed

Enjoy speed and power

You won’t notice a lag on your connection. Surfshark also works for all your devices. It only takes a quick download to get going. Then, you just pick one of our server locations.

What websites does this work for?

Chances are you don’t want to do anything bad. You just want to surf the net and talk to your friends. Some groups fear the idea of people connecting and are trying to crash the wave. Here’s some examples of what’s been going on:


Countries such as Iran block Facebook for their people. They fear the way ideas and connections can spread. Other regimes such as China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Vietnam do as well. China blocked it because a few activists used Facebook to organize protests.


Many countries notify Twitter to take down tweets for their nation. This is to prevent their citizens from viewing content they deem “controversial.”

Experts say this ramped up after Twitter was used to organize demonstrations in the Middle East. You might simply want to follow your favorite celebrities, so why shouldn’t you be able to use Twitter?


This is a site that has been blocked by a lot of different countries since it offers so much information. Information has been blocked or requested to be censored by the following countries: France, Italy, Iran, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan.


This is an extremely popular content aggregation site. It allows many people to participate on subreddits by posting threads about news and common interests.

Reddit is blocked by at least: China, Indonesia, North Korea, and Russia. A lot of the times Reddit gets blocked because some subreddits are for those over 18. There’s also massive amounts of political and technical discussion that many governments get nervous about.


Some shows are only able to be shown in certain countries. This could be the result of some countries having strict policies on mature content.


YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet. You can watch almost any kind of video if you try hard enough. It’s currently blocked in China, Iran, and North Korea. It has been censored in some form by 21 other countries. 


For many people, this is their internet homepage. This search engine has allowed people to do more research than ever before in human history. Anything can be found out by someone with enough skill. Many governments fear the way it can spread information so quickly.

Services such as Google Maps are blocked in: Cuba, China, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Russia. These countries worry that satellite images of their military installations could be used by their populations.

Other countries block parts of Gmail and Google Docs too.


Many people love watching gaming live streams on Twitch. There’s a chat feature where many people can participate. Sometimes the users and the streamers can get a bit wild. Countries like Russia and China have blocked this site.


Many people use Whatsapp to call text and message their friends across platforms. Groups of people can chat at once. It also offers fairly strong encryption. Millions of people around the world use it to keep in touch. A few people have misused it, so it’s getting clamped down on.

Courts ordered it to be blocked for refusing to turn over user information.

It is currently blocked by 12 countries.


Access Yahoo search, news, and mail from anywhere in the world. This website contains everything you need on the internet, and it’s widely popular across the entire globe. Access all your content easily, in one place.


Bing is one of the biggest and most popular search engines available online. It’s well known for being an outstanding tool for video searches. Bing is also great if you’re looking for airline tickets, as it predicts when the prices will go up or down.


This is a massive image and video hosting service that has been popular for a very long time. It’s great for storing your photos if you’re a blogger, plus, it’s a great tool to find pictures that you can freely use if you have a need for them.

Adult sites

Some countries want to tell you what you can see. How you spend your time is impossible to know if you’re using a solid VPN service such as Surfshark. Because of the feature called Obfuscation, your traffic looks like it’s completely normal – and no one can see what you’re actually up to. Currently, adult sites are heavily censored or blocked in the United Kingdom, India


Skype helps you to connect face to face with anyone in the world. There’s are free and paid versions. The connection is encrypted as well. Unfortunately, it’s blocked in the following countries: Guyana, Kuwait, Libya, North Korea, Oman, Qatar, Syria, UAE. Even if you’re only a tourist passing through, you wouldn’t be able to use Skype without a VPN.


This is another encrypted messaging app. It is said to be extremely secure since Telegram never gets an unencrypted version of the chats. Users can also make encrypted voice calls and host news channels.

Governments don’t like that this allows information to flow quickly and privately. A few countries already restrict Telegram, with Russia leading the way.

Why does this matter?

People all across the world have been arrested and imprisoned simply for having an access to specific content. Some countries have arrested people simply for saying something “subversive” or “offensive.” These terms are vague and easy for a government to use broadly.

In other cases, people get in trouble for viewing streamed content. Some countries have much stricter copyright laws than others. Fines for this can be quite expensive for people who aren’t careful.


surfshark split tunneling for android app

How to unblock websites with Surfshark

1. Signup

Only minimal information is required to sign up.

2. Download an app or use a browser extension

Mobile apps:

Desktop apps:

Browser extensions:

3. Pick a server and surf freely!

Choose your desired location to browse the internet from. This is the place your traffic will seem to come from. You can also click “optimal location” and we’ll pick it for you!


6 reasons for diving into Surfshark


1. Award-winning VPN service

Surfshark has been nominated in 3 categories, including nods for Best Overall, Best Privacy and Best Value VPN.

2. Get 500+ servers in 50+ countries

Simply use the location of the content you wish to use. Most content can be viewed by people located in the United States and United Kingdom. Sometimes it’s good to switch up your server location to keep your privacy too.

3. Watch your favorite shows with no borders

Stream your favorites without having someone looking over your shoulder. Change your IP address as needed.

4. Stay as fast as a lightning

You won’t be able to notice any drop of your connection speed. We have hundreds of servers in dozens of countries to pick from. Our servers have high bandwidth. There’s no limit on how much content you can consume.

4. Enjoy a strict no-logs policy

Your privacy matters. That’s why we always enforce a strict no-logs policy. This includes:

  • Incoming and outgoing IP addresses
  • Network traffic browsing
  • Download history
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Session info
  • Connection timestamps

5. Get help at any time you need it

Have questions? Got an issue? We’re always ready to help you, 24/7. Contact us via live chat or at [email protected]. You can also check out our detailed guides right here.

Congratulations! You will now be able to see pretty much any content on the internet that you can find.

Unblock websites with Surfshark

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