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Blocking social media on the school and work computers is nothing new. We’ve all encountered it: we want to check what our friends are sharing on Instagram, do the routine check-up on likes, but we get denied access to the platform. It’s not so pleasant.

Some social media bans are even more extreme. In an attempt to have more power, countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Vietnam, among others, have imposed nation-wide blocks on social media apps and websites, including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook. Russia’s also threatening to block social media giants by the beginning of 2021. This makes the school-wide restrictions seem not-so-harsh.

Luckily, no one can ban the internet as a whole, whether we’re talking about school, workplace, or a country. The internet was always meant to be an open space, and most of us would like to keep it that way.

That’s why I’m dedicating this article to all the ways that will get Instagram unblocked and running.

How to get Instagram unblocked at school or work

unblock instagram

You have two problems now: 1) Your school or workplace is strict; 2) The strictness has led to them blocking access to Instagram. No worries, this is where your problems end.

Follow the tips and tricks below and enjoy the wondrous world of Instagram anywhere.

Unblock Instagram using mobile data. It’s the most straightforward way, but it won’t necessarily work. However, a lot of schools only block social media sites on their Wi-Fi network, so it’s worth a try.

It’s not a perfect solution, though, since Instagram is known for using generous amounts of users’ MBs, especially if you’re a fan of watching Instagram stories. On top of that, depending on your data plan and your ISP, you can experience drops in speed once you’ve used up a certain amount of your plan’s MBs.

Access Instagram using proxy servers. Proxies hide your IP address, meaning your location is unknown to the internet service provider. Although not the most secure option, proxy servers are easy to use: you can find tons of free proxy providers on the internet by putting the name into Google search.

Using proxies couldn’t be easier as well, as you only have to copy and paste the URL (e.g., https://instagram.com) into the proxy web page. The proxy then does the rest of the job for you.

I have to warn you, though, that using free proxy servers isn’t a safe option as they don’t encrypt your data. Be cautious if you decide to try it out.

Access Instagram via http. There’s a chance you can access Instagram at school or work by deleting the s from https. Most websites now use the https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which is the secure version of the http. You can tell whether a website is secure or not by the little lock next to the web address (or a URL). 

Keep in mind that it’s an unsecured protocol, so be sure not to share any personal information while you’re connected through it.

Unblock Instagram with URL shorteners. Perhaps your school or workplace is using one of those? This is another method used to outsmart the not-so-sophisticated website blockers.

You can find various URL shortening services by putting the keyword into your browser’s search bar. The name of the service is self-explanatory: they shorten a website’s URL making it seem like a different website. With all due luck, this trick will take you straight to Instagram.

Use a VPN to unblock Instagram. A VPN is your best bet when it comes to accessing Instagram. It goes for school and workplace restrictions, as well as country-wide restrictions. The latter one can be tricky because countries like China monitor VPN use and dedicate a lot of their time trying to block them. Still, in most cases, you can trust a VPN to open up the internet for you.

Since this method of accessing Instagram is the most reliable one, I’ll expand on it more.

How to use a VPN for unblocking Instagram

Get Instagram Unblocked

Unblocking Instagram with a VPN is a straightforward process.

  1. Go to a VPN provider’s website (e.g., https://surfshark.com) or find an app on an app store.
  2. Download a VPN.
  3. Choose a plan and create an account.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Choose a server and connect.

What server you choose depends on the situation you’re in. If Instagram is only blocked on the Wi-Fi network, pick a local server as it will ensure the best internet speed. If you’re in a country that blocks Instagram, choose the nearest available country.

How to access Instagram Music from anywhere

Get Instagram Unblocked music

If you’ve followed my advice and successfully used one of the methods to unblock Instagram, good job! However, you might still have one puzzle piece left. Due to music licensing deals (it’s always about the licensing these days), Instagram Music is not available in most countries. 

Lucky are the ones in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, and Germany. But you can be lucky too. You probably understand where this is going by now, but I’ll tell you anyway. In order to enjoy Instagram Music, you need a VPN.

Follow the five steps I’ve laid out above and don’t forget a couple of crucial things:

  • Choose a server in one of the before-mentioned countries (for the best connection speed, pick the one that’s closest to you).
  • Uninstall the Instagram app before connecting to a VPN server and install it back once you’ve connected. Why? Because Instagram logs your location the first time you log in; thus, a VPN won’t work if you don’t go through with the reinstallation process.

What’s the takeaway?

  • If your school or workplace uses simple website blockers, turning on mobile data, using http protocol, or URL shorteners will allow you to enjoy Instagram.
  • If you want the most efficient way to access Instagram AND Instagram Music, use a VPN.
  • If you’re feeling risky, try proxy servers (again, be cautious).

Using Instagram is not a crime. It’s a harmless social media app that’s full of fun travel photos, unique food making videos, and, of course, cute animals. Millions of people worldwide use it and enjoy it without restrictions, and so should you.

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