When an organization – say, a school – blocks access to an internet service, it relies on blocking IP addresses. An IP address is a string of numbers that identifies devices on a computer network.

When a school blocks Roblox, it stops the local computers from reaching the addresses of the game service. That means that you wouldn’t be able to play Roblox even if you have a Chromebook that supports Google Play Store apps! 

How do you unblock Roblox at school, work or somewhere else?

The real way to get Roblox unblocked at school is to use a virtual private network (VPN). When you use a VPN, your computer connects to its servers before Roblox’s.

The VPN will encrypt the entire connection between your device and game servers. Nobody will be able to detect what you’re doing online – or that you’re playing Roblox. This means that you can bypass the restrictions placed by the school on WiFi or other networks.

Here’s how you unblock Roblox with a VPN:

  1. Download and install a VPN on the device you use to run Roblox. If your PC, tablet or phone can run Roblox, it can support a VPN. 
  2. Launch the app and connect to a server. The ones closest to you – located in your country, for example – are the fastest, so they can ensure the best gaming experience. 
  3. Open Roblox and play. 

What are the additional benefits of using a VPN?

VPN ensures you play in safety (forget bullying and SWATing)
A VPN can not only unblock Roblox, but also increase your safety while playing it. Most of the players who threaten to hack you because you did something they didn’t like in the game are lying.

With a VPN, you can be sure that none of them can reach you. It encrypts the communication between your device and Roblox servers. It also hides your IP. That’s why no bully can detect where you’re playing from and SWAT you. They can’t harm your computer, tablet, or phone either. 

More than that, it means that your connection to Roblox will be entirely safe. Some VPNs – like Surfshark VPN – even come with features that hide the fact that you’re using a VPN service. Nobody will be able to notice that you’re using your internet bandwidth to play. No one will be able to steal your data while you’re playing the game.  

VPNs can be used wherever you go
VPNs can usually be used on multiple devices. If you play Roblox at school on your Chromebook and on your PC at home, you can install a VPN on both. That way, you will be safe no matter what platform you’re using.

The amount of devices that a single VPN covers depends on the brand. For example, a single Surfshark VPN account allows you to use it on an unlimited number of platforms.

It’s also important if you want to take gaming with you wherever you go. If you want to play Roblox while on a trip, a VPN will keep you secure when you connect to public WiFi. Of course, VPN will also unblock Roblox if the public WiFi blocks it. 

VPNs unblock all of the content
A VPN does more than just unblock Roblox. They provide a way to overcome geoblocking of content or any local blocks on apps and websites.

It’s also essential for fans of game streaming: can unlock access to Twitch wherever you are. This might not be obvious, but countries like China are blocking access to streaming platforms. A VPN is the best way to overcome these blocks. 

As you can see, it is very easy to unblock Roblox with a VPN. However, it offers many other benefits. It can unlock not just games, but other services and apps as well. A VPN will also keep you safe while you surf the web. It’s great for Roblox – but also great for everything else!

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