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The VPN for gaming final boss

  • Game in full privacy and security
  • Hide your IP in Discord and other chats
  • Access games & features without restrictions
  • Protect yourself from DDoS attacks
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Why do you need a VPN for gaming?

Enjoy awesome speed

Speed matters. With a good gaming VPN like Surfshark, you can game without worrying about sudden speed drops or a mili-second lag that allows everyone to kill you before you see them.

Access banned games

Many nations ban their citizens from playing games. They say that mature content and violence isn’t allowed. With an encrypted gaming VPN tunnel and separate IP address, it won’t matter one bit.

Unblock games with VPN at school

In some schools and universities, having fun is strictly prohibited. But with a gaming VPN, you can easily bypass these filters and enjoy your downtime however you like!

Prevent ISP throttling

Did you know that your Internet Service Provider may be slowing down your internet on purpose? Get the speeds you’re supposed to by using Surfshark.

Buy the same games for less

Sometimes games are cheaper inside or outside of the US. Countries like the UK are known for having higher prices while in countries like Brazil and the Philippines, games can be up to 30% cheaper. This can make your gaming VPN pay for itself!

Get DDOS Protection

No one can knock you out of a gaming match so quickly. Let everyone else worry about being DDoSed by a cheater. If somebody must fall, let that somebody be our servers and not you. That will keep you two steps ahead.

Connect to early-access time zones

Many games have exclusive content limited to only a few countries. With a new IP address, you’ll appear to be from a country that gets exclusive access. For some games, it’s up to 12 hours earlier!

Game while you’re abroad

Planning to travel or live abroad? Get access to your favorite servers by connecting to a VPN. Sometimes, a VPN may also improve your connection speeds!

How to setup Surfshark VPN for gaming


Create a Surfshark account. You only need 1 for all your devices.


Pick a plan that suits your needs.


Download your apps & game on!

A gaming VPN for all your consoles and devices

Whatever you like to game on, we got your back. Download easy-to-use apps or set up smart DNS for simple devices & game without buffering or distractions. Plus, you get unlimited simultaneous connections!

Gaming consoles

Xbox - PlayStation


Windows - macOS - Linux

Mobile phones & tablets

Android - iOS


Chrome - Firefox

Smart TVs

Fire TV - Apple TV - Samsung TV - other smart TVs

Questions and answers about gaming VPN

Does VPN affect gaming?

Not really. For best results, we recommend using the Quick connect option in our apps – it will automatically select the server closest to you and with the lowest load. That way, you will get awesome speed.

Another great option for a quick connection is smart DNS. It’s normally used for devices that do not support VPN apps – such as Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation. Smart DNS, however, doesn’t offer the same security and privacy benefits that a VPN does. But if you only want to change your location and get the best speed, it’s a great option!

Does VPN slow down gaming?

It really shouldn’t slow you down. If you’re worried about picking the fastest server, pick something that’s geographically close to you. That’s how you get the best speeds! Alternatively, simply click Quick connect in any of our apps, and we’ll do the math for you, connecting you to the fastest server.

If your key goal is changing your location and getting the blazing-fast speeds to up your game, smart DNS is a fantastic choice. While we always recommend VPN apps for people who prioritize privacy and security above everything else, it’s a solid option for your Apple TV, Xbox, or PlayStation

Not sure what would work best for you? Let’s talk via the live chat or email at [email protected]. Someone’s always online (24/7!), and we’ll sort out any issues you may have.

Which port do I need for online gaming through VPN?

It really depends on what game you’re playing. There’s no single port that we can point you to that would work the best for everything, but feel free to use the live chat or talk to us via email at [email protected]. We’re available 24/7, and we’d love to help you out!

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