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Unblock Streaming on Netflix, Disney+ & Prime

Access geo-blocked streaming content outside US & Canada or UK.

  • Smooth Streaming Experience
  • Only $0.99/mo
  • 3 days Free Trial

What Streaming Platforms Can I Unblock?

There's a lot of corporate law preventing from watching the shows you want in the country you like. But you don't have to live like that. Unlock the full potential of your streaming subscriptions with Trust DNS+

Unblock Netflix

Enshrined in the phrase "Netflix and chill", Netflix is the face of streaming. It has also produced more than 120 original films and series, more than any other TV station or channel. Unfortunately, it's a big fan of geo-blocking content. Want to unblock all that juicy video streaming? You'll need Trust DNS+ to watch US Netflix libraries wherever you are. 

Access Amazon Prime

Technically called "Prime Video," it's the Amazon entry to the video streaming field. It's doing a lot of original programming. It's also picking up shows like "The Expanse" that other companies dropped. Amazon Prime Video is available worldwide, but a lot of content is geoblocked. Unblock streaming on Amazon Video Prime with Trust DNS+

Enjoy Disney +

Disney+ content library draws upon stuff produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and select films from 20th Century Studios. Like other streaming services, Disney+ is geo-blocking-happy. Unblock streaming and watch Disney+ wherever you want with Trust DNS+

Unlock Hulu

Hulu was significant even before it was acquired by Disney in 2019. It's a general entertainment counterpart to the family-oriented Disney. Hulu currently boasts 28 million subscribers. Oh, and Hulu is US-only, which is a shame if you're not an American. Watch Hulu anyways by unblocking streaming with Trust DNS+.

Explore SkyGo

SkyGo is the streaming app of Sky UK. They had a hand in the "Chernobyl" miniseries, among other things. Sadly, the service is limited to the UK and Ireland. That is unless you use Trust DNS+ to unblock streaming and watch SkyGo at home.

Watch Youtube & more

Free streaming sites like Youtube gets banned a lot. Trust DNS+ will help you to unblock free video streaming websites including Youtube & many others.

Features optimized to Unblock Streaming

Unblock geo-restricted content

Get around all but the most resource-intensive geo-blocking methods.

Fast streaming

Trust DNS+ does not slow down your internet, so you can stream video like you always would.

Whitelist IPs

Trust DNS+ automatically whitelists last three IPs used. That way, you can easily move between network connections without having to set up the app again.

Automatic set up

When you launch Trust DNS+ for the first time, the app will set itself up automatically. You won't need to fiddle with any numbers.

How to Unblock Steaming?

It's easy to set up Trust DNS+. Here's how you do it in 4 steps.

1. Download Trust DNS app

Currently only available for Android. Get it on Google Play Store.

2. Upgrade to Trust DNS+

Try 3 days free trial. It's only $0.99/mo after trial.

3. Clear cache

If you used a streaming app (like Netflix or Disney+) on your device before, clear its cache.

4. Launch the streaming app

Open the streaming app and enjoy the content you love!

It's easy to stream with Trust DNS+

Try it yourself!