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Access Hulu with a VPN anywhere you are

  • Stream fast, in 4K, and lag-free
  • Bypass Hulu VPN blocks
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
hulu vpn

Hulu with Surfshark VPN

Open and ready for use

Hulu with most VPNs

Blocked and unavailable

The choice is yours

Price Devices Unblocks Hulu Netflix libraries Ad & malware blocker 24/7 customer support
$2.49/mo Unlimited 10+
$8.32/mo 5 10+
$3.71/mo 6 7
$2.25/mo 7 4
$5.20/mo 10 2

How do Hulu VPN blocks work?

Blocking known IP addresses

Hulu tracks where users are connecting from. When they detect an IP address that a lot of different accounts are using to sign in, they block it. It becomes a never-ending game of detecting and blacklisting IP addresses.


How to get around Hulu VPN block?

There’s no straightforward way – you have to try out different VPN providers. Surfshark is one of a few VPNs that unblocks streaming on Hulu.

How to watch Hulu with a VPN?


Sign up for a Surfshark account. You can do it by going to our website.


Download the VPN to your device. We have apps for pretty much every platform!


Connect to a server in the US or Japan, and watch Hulu!

All of this is waiting for you on Hulu

Hulu originals

The chilling series The Handmaid’s Tale became an immediate favorite. And it’s only available on Hulu. Don’t miss out on the original entertainment – there are some real gems here!

High-quality television

Sons of Anarchy, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and other top-rated TV shows are waiting for you on Hulu.

Live sports events

You won’t miss games with Hulu because you can watch sports on channels like ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBCSN, FS1, and more!

Hundreds of movies

It wouldn’t be a streaming service without movies. And there’s a lot of them on Hulu, including award-winning titles like Parasite and I, Tonya.

Kids entertainment

Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon – Hulu makes sure that kids get high-quality television.

Older classics

Missing Seinfeld? Never watched The Twilight Zone? Hulu offers a handful of classic movies and television series!

5 reasons to choose Surfshark for Hulu

No buffering

Surfshark is a top 3 VPN by download speed.

Unlimited devices

Use one account on as many devices as you want.

Private streaming

No snooping or tracking. Just you and Hulu.

Available on all platforms

Get it on any operating system or a smart TV.

Hulu and more

Unblock Netflix, access Disney+, watch it all.

Forget what the proxy error page looks like with Surfshark

Every Surfshark US server is optimized to stream Hulu.

US cities covered

US servers


How does Hulu know I’m using a VPN?

Hulu sees its users’ IP addresses. If a lot of different accounts try to sign in on one IP address, Hulu assumes they’re using a VPN or a proxy server.

What VPN lets you watch Hulu?

There are a handful of VPNs that still work with Hulu. One of them is Surfshark.

Also, make sure to choose a premium VPN because free VPNs don’t bypass Hulu blocks.

Can I use my Hulu account overseas?

Hulu tracks your geographical location, so when you go abroad, the streaming service will not be available to you. However, you can get a VPN and access Hulu even when you’re out of the country.

Get Hulu unblocked with Surfshark VPN

Enjoy a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee