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You can connect to 3200+ VPN servers in over 100 countries (including many in the US).

Keep your data safe while streaming HBO Max

Keep your data safe while streaming HBO Max

Websites and third-party ad brokers are always out for your data. Therefore, you should always have your VPN on if you care about your online security and privacy.

And the fact you’re streaming HBO Max – as well as when and how much – can be tempting for advertisers, especially if packaged with other data.

Maintain speed for HBO Max

Bandwidth throttling is a technique where an internet service provider (ISP) arbitrarily slows down your connection. This can be done to keep traffic congestion low without expanding the network the ISP serves. 

However, throttling is usually based on what the user does: ISP can see when you’re streaming or gaming online and thus slow down your connection. However, when you have a VPN on, they have no idea what you’re connecting to or when.

Maintain speed for HBO Max
Crush firewalls and other streaming obstacles

Crush firewalls and other streaming obstacles

You may want to stream a movie at school, uni dorm, or work. Your network administrator may have other ideas. Thus, you may find HBO Max unreachable when you connect to Wi-Fi. 

The solution is to use a VPN. With a VPN, firewalls and other similar obstacles will see you connect to a VPN server, not a streaming service. That is why it will let the connection through. 

This includes using a VPN when streaming HBO Max or other services like Netflix, Zee5, Hotstar, Dazn, Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

We prohibit using Surfshark services for any unlawful purposes as it is against our Terms of Service. Please be sure to act in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of streaming service providers.

What content is available on HBO Max?

Quality entertainment

Quality entertainment

Gems like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and other shows are on HBO Max. All seasons of Doctor Who, Luther, and Top Gear are available as well, courtesy of the BBC.

Iconic TV shows

Iconic TV shows

Do you keep re-watching shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, or Friends? These and other iconic TV programs have boarded the new platform.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros

The Hobbit, Suicide Squad, Inception, and other movies created by Warner Bros are available on HBO Max. Do not miss new releases and enjoy some good ol’ legendary flicks.

Cable TV

Cable TV

HBO Max offers more than 10,000 hours of cable TV like TBS, TNT, CNN, and truTV.

Kids’ zone

Kids’ zone

All the blood and gore in Game of Thrones proving too much for the children? Don’t worry - the Cartoon Network is joining Warner Bros to provide more options for the kiddos.

HBO Max Original Series

HBO Max Original Series

Along with well-known shows and movies, a ton of original series have premiered on HBO Max: Raised by Wolves, Doom Patrol, and The Flight Attendant - just to name a few.

Frequently asked HBO Max VPN questions

What devices can I use a VPN on to stream HBO Max?

We offer Surfshark VPN on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux/Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV Stick applications and extensions. Get your VPN apps here

There are no limitations on simultaneous connections, so feel free to stream on multiple screens at once.

Will Surfshark slow down my overall internet connection?

Nope! On top of unlimited bandwidth, we offer many servers to choose from, so picking one close to you geographically will enable you to enjoy HD TV and movies without buffering or stuttering. As a side benefit, you can use Surfshark VPN to get around any internet speed throttling your provider might force on you periodically.

If I already have an HBO Max account, do I need a new one?

Not at all. You can use your same HBO account with a VPN, and you’re all set. You can also use the VPN together with your HBO Max app if you want.

What does “region-locking” mean?

It’s a common practice that most media streaming services use. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others all use it to restrict who can view their programming depending on their region. This means that different shows and movies are available in each country. Region-locking happens due to copyrights. Each country pays for licenses to show content, and that’s what streaming services have to abide by.

Can I use free VPNs with HBO Max?

Free VPN services are often tempting but do not promote safety and privacy. Plus, “free” VPN providers are never really free. They either collect and sell your data or bombard you with intrusive ads if you agree to use their services. In addition, they cannot afford to have a large number of servers, let alone quality ones. Your streaming experience using a free VPN will include slow connection, stuttering, and buffering.

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