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Secure your online life with a high-speed VPN

What does it take to get a fast VPN?

  • Fast and up-to-date server hardware
  • Up to 10 Gbps ports connected per server
  • IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard protocols
  • Market-leading AES-256-GCM encryption
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Don’t take our word for it - see what tech experts have to say


“A feature-rich service with blazing speeds and a security focus.”

CNET refers to Surfshark as having “competitive speeds” with an average speed loss of just 27%. Most VPNs’ speed loss is at 50% or more.


“Surfshark offers good speeds, compatibility with Netflix, and a solid number of country connections.”

PCWorld tests show excellent speeds in the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


“There was good news all round. We had no connection failures, connection times were [...] faster than average.”

TechRadar sum up their review by writing that Surfshark delivers a very acceptable performance. Even the lowest speed recorded was “more than enough for most people.”

tom's guide

“[Surfshark’s] performance is solid in terms of download speeds.”

Tom’s Guide writes that Surfshark connects without a glitch, with faster-than-average connection times, and praises fast and safe torrenting.

Good VPN - great speed

Regular connection in the US Quick connect – US server Quick connect – UK server Quick connect – Brasil server
Ping 15 ms 22 ms 123 ms 135 ms
Average download speed 58.46 Mbps 56.74 Mbps 44.42 Mbps 42.13 Mbps
Distance to server 430 km 6,880 km 6,950 km

What makes a fast VPN?

The latest server hardware makes all the difference

The latest server hardware makes all the difference

Surfshark uses top-quality, fast servers optimized for speed and security.

All of our servers have at least a 1Gbps port connected, while most are already updated to 10 Gbps, meaning the physical connection can handle a lot of traffic. Some go up to 2x10Gbps per server. And with 3200+ servers to choose from, you won’t have to worry about congestion, either.

VPN protocols offer a subtle change in speed

A high-speed VPN relies on good VPN protocols – the sets of rules that make electronic communication work. 

WireGuard is the most impressive on our roster, offering good speed and stability on any platform.

VPN protocols offer a subtle change in speed
State-of-the-art encryption is essential to a top VPN

State-of-the-art encryption is essential to a top VPN

For a high-speed VPN, you need a fast encryption protocol – like AES-256-GCM, which Surfshark uses! 

A VPN software encrypts and decrypts every packet of data. This process does require additional bandwidth, but it’s usually negligible.

How to get the best VPN speed

If you want to have a VPN that doesn’t slow down internet traffic, try these tips:

  1. Choose a nearby server: the closer the server is to you geographically, the faster the connection. 
  2. Select a vacant server location: if two servers are roughly equidistant, choose the one that currently has less traffic. 
  3. Change your protocol: WireGuard is usually the best protocol, but you can see if the connection is faster if you switch to IKEv2 or OpenVPN. 

Don’t know if you can tell the difference? Don’t forget to measure the speed before and after switching the setting around.

How to get the best VPN speed

External factors may slow down your VPN

No matter how good your VPN is, there are factors that can slow it down. Some examples include:

  • Your general internet connection speed.
  • Older devices, routers, etc.
  • Antivirus software.
  • Applications with high demand for bandwidth that run in the background.
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Surfshark features to be excited about

Forget about internet throttling

Forget about internet throttling

Some internet service providers slow down your connection when streaming, downloading or gaming online. A VPN encrypts your data, making ISPs unable to detect what you’re doing - and therefore, they won’t slow you down.

Quick Connect to the fastest server

Quick Connect to the fastest server

If you don’t have a location preference, one click of a button can connect you to the speediest available VPN server. It’s usually a nearby location or a neighboring country.

Block ads with Cleanweb

Block ads with Cleanweb

Did you know that ads can slow down your internet speed and use up your mobile data? That’s why Surfshark offers a CleanWeb feature that gets rid of advertisements and blocks malware.

Improve speeds with Split Tunneling

Improve speeds with Split Tunneling

Split tunneling (Bypasser on Surfshark) allows you to set apps and websites that won’t be encrypted and routed by a VPN. That way, you can maintain your usual speeds for tasks where you don’t need protection!

Disclaimer: Surfshark does not encourage using a VPN in ways that would potentially violate the Terms of Service of streaming service providers.


Is Surfshark fast?

Yes, Surfshark is among the fastest VPNs. We’ve got over 3200 servers around the globe, 10 Gbps ports are added daily, and at least 1 Gbps port is available on any server you visit. We also use the Wireguard protocol to improve our service speed.

How do I find the fastest server on Surfshark?

The app has the ‘’Fastest location’’ option – click on it. The VPN will automatically find and choose the fastest server depending on your location.

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