10 Best MMA Streaming Sites for 2020

Whether you are an avid UFC fan or just enjoy an occasional match, MMA streaming sites are one of the best ways to do so. Many sites provide the streams for free, including pay per view content (PPVs), and allow you to watch on the go, so you never have to miss a match due to travel or your work schedule. Below are eight of the best, (mostly) free sites that stream UFC available for your enjoyment.


    ESPN allows you to stream many sports, including UFC Fight Nights and MMA events. 

    The website shows some of the streams for free, but not all. ESPN only provides events that it has rights to. For those that are not free, you must either sign in with your regular cable provider or purchase a streaming subscription directly from ESPN.

    It provides high-quality streams.
    Not all of the streams are free. Some require a cable provider sign-in, while others require an additional subscription.
    Many of the available streams are free.
    You can view many MMA events and UFC Fight Nights, among other sports.


    reddit streaming

    You have probably heard of Reddit before, but you might not know that you can find MMA and UFC streams there as well. 

    It is one of the best places to find unofficial free streams for any sport. Reddit users find and post links to live streams from all over. In fact, you will find several Reddit communities that are dedicated to each sport. 

    Additionally, sites that stream sports will post their own links in the subreddit comments, and users will upvote or downvote the streams based on their quality. While it is not very common, you may still come across dangerous links.

    You have access to several free streams posted inside the subreddits.
    As with any third-party site, you risk running into dangerous links.
    These streams are reviewed and voted on by the users.

    Fox Go

    fox sports mma streaming

    Fox Go allows you to watch live sports streams from the FOX Sports Network, which provides a lot of content for UFC fans.

    You can download and access Fox Go on any of your devices. However, while Fox Go in itself is free, it requires that you sign in with your cable TV provider.

    Fox Go provides a wide range of sports and MMA streams for free.
    You must have a cable TV subscription to use it.
    You don’t have to be concerned about malicious ads.
    If you are in a country that restricts Fox for any reason, you will not be able to access it while there (unless you have a VPN - Virtual Private Network).


    vipbox streaming

    VIPBox is a curator of sports and MMA streams. The platform itself is easy to use and completely free. Many of the available streams, though, come from sources that are not allowed to run in many countries due to copyrights and geo-restrictions. However, a VPN can help you bypass these restrictions by changing the displayed location of your device!

    It is simple to use and is a completely free service.
    Some of the streams are copyright and geo-restricted.
    It provides links to streams from all over the globe.

    First Row Sports

    firstrow streaming

    First Row Sports is a site that provides free MMA streams and more without requiring any login or subscriptions. 

    It is very easy to use and to locate an event you want to watch. However, it is full of invasive ads that you are likely to encounter with every single click. Be sure to close these ads immediately, as they may be linked to dangerous content. An ad blocker can help, but using a VPN with an in-built adblock feature is an easier option to secure your online connection.

    It is a completely free service.
    There are many potentially dangerous ads to combat as you look for your desired stream. However, you don’t have to worry about that with Surfshark.
    It gives you access to tons of live streams.

    Mama HD

    mama hd streaming

    Mama HD is considered one of the best free streaming sites for sports, and they have plenty of MMA streams. The website is very user-friendly. You can chat with other fans, and enjoy free, high-quality streams that have excellent speeds. 

    Unfortunately, you might run into some times when the streams go offline and when the chats are unreliable, but it is still a good option for streaming UFC events.

    The platform is user-friendly and provides a wide selection of MMA streams as well as other sports.
    The connection can go in and out, leaving times when the streaming is not always up to par.
    When the streams work as they should, the quality and speed are excellent.
    There is a chat section where you can chat with other fans from around the globe.


    stream 2 watch streaming

    Stream2Watch is a website that does not provide its own streams, but rather collects MMA and other sports streams from other websites. It provides a comprehensive collection of streaming content, so you are very likely to find what you are looking for. 

    However, you may run into a lot of very invasive ads that will lead you to other websites. It is very important to close out those ads as soon as possible. A better option is to either use an ad blocker or a VPN to prevent any potential issues before they begin.

    You can find a comprehensive collection of MMA fights and other streams.
    You might face invasive ads that can lead you to dangerous websites.
    The streams are free.


    from hot's streaming

    FromHots is a third-party site that provides links to several live sports streams. It is completely free to use. All you need to do is find the link you prefer and follow it to the website itself.

    As it is a third party site, keep in mind that you may experience invasive ads along the way. Additionally, though FromHots is a free service, you might occasionally be led to sites that require a subscription.

    It is a free service that provides links to MMA streams and more.
    Does not host its own content.
    It is a very simple platform to use.
    You might encounter invasive ads and links to dangerous sites.
    Some links may lead to sites that require a paid subscription.

    Smooth and free UFC streaming experience

    Pop-up ads, malicious content, and certain restrictions are common among streaming sites in general, but that is no reason to avoid accessing the UFC streams you wish to watch. Instead, be proactive – protect yourself and your device from these issues. 

    Ad blockers can go a long way in helping, but they are not the most effective tool that you can use. A VPN, or virtual private network, on the other hand, can be very effective.  

    The combination of both, however, can take your internet privacy to a whole other level. Especially if both features are present in a single service like Surfshark.

    A secure VPN will:

    And if you don’t like it, you can always get your money back in 30 days.

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