How to fix Hulu proxy error

Hulu error code BYA-403-011 should be called “the green screen of death” because it kills all hopes of streaming fun. Is there anything you can do when Hulu tells you that “you appear to be using an anonymous proxy tool?” Yes – and it’s not turning it off. Your best way to fix the Hulu proxy error is to get a good VPN.

Why do you get the Hulu error code BYA-403-011 message? It may be one of these reasons:

  • Your Internet Service Provider gave you a shared IP that Hulu has already blocked 
  • You’re using a 3rd party app to stream
  • You are actually using a proxy. 

All of these are explained in detail later on. But whatever the case may be, there’s an easy solution. 

How to Fix Hulu Proxy Error

If you don’t fancy moving to the US (or if you are a US resident concerned with online safety and privacy), getting a VPN is the only way to do it. The guide is short and easy – but stick around and find out more about the Hulu proxy error and the awesome VPN solution to it. 

1. Sign up for Surfshark.

Sign up for Surfshark

2. Download the Surfshark VPN app.
3. Install the VPN.
4. Run it and log in.
5. Click the “Locations” tab.

Click the "locations" tab

6. Find a server in the USA.

Find the server in USA

7. Click on a server to connect.

Click on server to connect

8. Clear your browser cache.
9. Go to Hulu.
10. Stream! 

Hulu proxy error should be a thing of the past! If you’re still seeing it, try connecting to another US server. But what’s the deal with Hulu hating proxies?

Why does Hulu say I’m using a proxy?

There are two reasons why Hulu would give you the proxy error even if you’re not using one. 

First, your internet service provider may have assigned you a shared IP address. This means that if Hulu blocks that IP address for one reason or another, anybody connecting from it will receive that error. It wasn’t your fault, but you must deal with it now or contact your ISP to fix the issue. 

Second, you may be using some 3rd party app or software to stream Hulu. As the streaming service doesn’t want any unauthorized intermediaries to get between you and them, you get to see the error screen. 

Third, and the most likely, reason why Hulu says that you’re using a proxy is because you are. Proxy servers allow you to mask your original location by connecting to a website or a service via some sort of intermediary. Connecting via proxy located in the USA is the only way to watch Hulu if you’re not in the US. 

Meanwhile, Hulu would rather you didn’t do that.

Why does Hulu hate proxies? 

Unlike Netflix, Hulu does not operate internationally. It’s a fully US-based affair. You already know that you need a proxy to watch it anywhere else. Hulu doesn’t want you to do that, as there’s a complex web of licensing agreements for shows to appear outside the US. 

It’s somewhat similar to why Netflix is imposing geo-blocks on significant portions of its content. Just like Hulu, it’s causing streaming enthusiasts to seek VPNs that would allow them to watch the full American streaming libraries. 

And the streaming giants don’t care if you’re an American using a VPN to keep their browsing secure or to overcome internet throttling. But since you’re using a VPN, Hulu can’t tell who you are or where you’re connecting from. Thus, it’s easier for them to just block IP addresses associated with VPN or proxy services. But how does Hulu know it? There are quite a few methods it can use – and a good VPN can overcome all of them. Read on to find out how that works.  Well, there are ways to detect a VPN or proxy use. 

How does a VPN help me with Hulu proxy error?

VPN helps you bypass the measures that Hulu uses to detect proxies.

There are several ways the streaming service can do this:

  • IP lookup: looking up your device’s IP address – the internet equivalent of a physical address – is the most likely way that Hulu does proxy detection. It may be checking your country, or it may be checking the IP against the list of known proxies. Either way, you get blocked. 
  • DNS lookup: the simplest way is to find out where your DNS – the service that your device pings to get Hulu’s address  – is. If it’s outside the US, you get the error code BYA-403-011.
  • WebRTC leaks: WebRTC allows you to have video chats right in your browser. Unfortunately, this also allows services to easily check your country of origin. 

A good VPN can help overcome all of those issues. As a VPN redirects your traffic via its servers, it fools DNS and IP lookup. If the website or the service makes any requests, it will only see the DNS and IP of the VPN server.

A good VPN also has a variety of servers, so it’s hard to catch all of them at the same time. For example, Surfshark VPN maintains servers in dozens of cities in the USA.

Meanwhile, encryption – another essential feature of a VPN – ensures protection from WebRTC leaks. 

So whatever Hulu throws at you, a VPN is your best bet. 

Why is Surfshark a great Hulu VPN?

Now that you know that you need a VPN to overcome the Hulu proxy error, why not choose Surfshark? Here’s what we offer:

Fast speed: Excellent connection speed is vital for our customers who want to stream, game, and share files in privacy and without restrictions. We’re tirelessly working on keeping the fastest VPN speed.


Experience in streaming:Surfshark VPN is great for unblocking Netflix US libraries, Disney+, Crunchyroll, and many others. Hulu is just one of them.


Hundreds of servers: Our server roster is big and always expanding. It’s great not only for dodging Hulu geo-blocking measures but also for always having a choice of a server that isn’t crowded by other users. 


Unlimited devices: A single Surfshark account is enough for you to unblock Hulu on every device you have or consider having. 


Multi-platform support: Do you want to unlock Hulu on your iPhone, Windows PC, and Smart TV? No sweat – we support all those platforms and more. 


Whitelister: Want a VPN solely for Hulu? Then you can add other processes to a whitelist, and they won’t be routed via the VPN server. 

These are the features of Surfshark VPN that have the most direct benefits for streaming Hulu. But that certainly isn’t all – you can find many others besides

In conclusion 

“You appear to be using an anonymous proxy tool” Hulu proxy error doesn’t have to be the death sentence for your plans to spend an evening streaming Killing Eve or The Handmaid’s Tale. Get Surfshark VPN, and no streaming service will be out of your reach ever again. 

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