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Unrestricted content

Access, stream or download the best internet has to offer. Stream TV series, films, watch sporting events, listen to music on any platform.

Unrestricted content with Surfshark VPN

Ultra-fast speed

You won’t feel any difference in your internet speed. Our technologists implemented the latest security technologies to make Surfshark as fast as possible.

Ultra-fast speed with Surfshark VPN

Friendly support

Surfshark’s professional Customer Success Team is eager to assist you! Ask anything 24/7.

Friendly support with Surfshark VPN
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Diamond-strong protection

We guard your personal data using industry-leading encryption.

Strict no logs policy

Based in the British Virgin Islands - we don't monitor, track or store your online activity.

Unlimited devices

One account for you and your whole family.

Privacy over public WiFi

Stay safe while traveling or dining out in the city.

IP masking

Surfshark masks your IP address, so it’s impossible to link it to your online activity via IP detection.

Zero-knowledge DNS

Private DNS on every server leaves no cracks for potential security breaches.

Internet without borders

We help to evade all efforts to control access to the free web.


Everything’s robust on the inside but as simple to use as turning on WiFi.

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