Surfshark Linux

We’re glad to announce that we’ve just launched our easy-to-use VPN application for Linux operating systems. The app allows Debian and Ubuntu users to seamlessly gain access to over 800 servers in 50 countries and shield their online activities by changing the device’s IP address.

The general principle of the VPN is straightforward – it encrypts any data sent or received online, as well as changes user’s virtual location. This allows the user to control its online privacy and protects from non-consensual tracking.

“Our new Linux app is based on OpenVPN protocol which is widely acknowledged for its security and reliability. Currently, it works solely as a bullet-proof VPN app, but we will add our most beloved features in future updates, which will include malware and ad blocking, MultiHop, and many other,” says Lead Linux Developer at Surfshark Martin Priest.

Surfshark for Linux supports both OpenVPN/UDP and OpenVPN/TCP protocols which can be chosen by users in the settings. Also, with an inbuilt “Quick Connect” function it allows to swiftly connect to the best possible location in terms of the highest speed and the lowest latency.

Currently, the application works on all Ubuntu releases starting from version 18, as well as Debian OS version 9 and above.

By publicly releasing the app to its whole user base, Surfshark has become one of the very few VPN providers to offer a dedicated VPN app for the Linux community.

Last year, the German security company Cure53 carried out an independent security audit of Surfshark browser extensions. The security assessment concluded that the tested applications were not exposed to any issues, neither in the privacy nor in the more general security realms.

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