While some of these streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime come with subscription costs, some like Popcornflix and Sony Crackle are absolutely free. So if you have been looking for Netflix alternatives, without further ado, here are our selected 16 options.

Top 11 Free Netflix Alternatives

If you’re not looking to add another subscription to the bill, don’t worry. Free content is a-plenty on the internet!


Popcornflix streaming

Popcornflix has more than 700 movies across different genres. There are horror movies, action movies, comedies, and TV shows to keep you entertained for numerous stay-in-and-chill evenings!

Since Popcornflix is ad-supported, you will have to make do with the occasional ads. If you ever get tired of that, try Surfshark’s free ad-blocker CleanWeb.


  • A wide range of movies including action, comedy, and drama 


Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle streaming

Sony Crackle is another free streaming platform that is a great Netflix alternative. It has a multitude of titles ranging from sitcoms to adventure movies to indie films, blockbusters, and TV shows. You might even fall in love with its original content!


  • Movies range from indie films to blockbuster movies
  • Offers original content


  • There are no new releases, classics or documentaries
  • Geo-blocked outside the US and Canada (brb moving to Canada)


Vudu streaming

Vudu has some movies and TV shows to keep you occupied for quite some time. The ad-supported movies are free to watch and range from horror movies to action movies. The platform is a top choice for family movies with kids’ movies leading the list.


  • Great for family movies, especially kids’ movies


  • There are no new releases
  • Geo-blocked outside the US


Tubi tv streaming

Tubi is one of the most extensive ad-supported free streaming services out there. The service allows you to watch a variety of movies and TV shows without even having to create an account!  

The platform has thousands of titles ranging from comedy to classics, which are mainly from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Lionsgate.


  • Lots of movies and TV shows


  • There are no new releases
  • Most content is only available in the US


Vimeo streaming

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform, almost like YouTube, where you can view and upload content. The platform has quite a number of movies, TV series, and short films from independent filmmakers. If you are into unique movies and original content, Vimeo may be a good alternative for you


  • Great original content


  • There are no hit movies and TV shows
  • Blocked in some countries like China and Indonesia (although you can access it with a VPN)


Snagfilms streaming

SnagFilms is another great free streaming service with ad-supported content. The platform has over 5,000 titles, which include movies, TV shows, and documentaries. It mainly concentrates on independent films, so if you fancy such films, then this is the platform to be. 

While anyone can sign in with their Facebook or social media accounts, the site requires a birthday check for its more mature content.


  • Plenty of movie titles


  • There are no new releases
  • Implements geo-restrictions


Youtube streaming

YouTube is known for its music videos and short content. However, you can also find several movies and TV shows to enjoy. If you search the title of the movie you want, followed by the term “full movies,” you might just find the movie you want. Plus, a lot of independent creators released some outstanding content on YouTube as a series!


  • Lots of movies and TV shows to enjoy
  • Independent content that may knock your socks off



IMDb Tv streaming

IMDb TV is the free streaming wing of Amazon’s Prime Video. The platform has 384 titles, which include popular movies and TV shows. Unlike other free streaming platforms, IMDb free drive goes for quality over quantity. 


  • Quality movies to watch


  • Few films in the catalog
  • Hardly any new releases
  • Only available in the US

Hoopla and Kanopy

Hoopla and kanopy streaming

Hoopla and Kanopy offer commercial-free movies and TV shows. Hoopla excels in dramas, classics, documentaries, horrors, and family movies. Kanopy is its more serious counterpart. 

Both are great for educational content! Go to Hoopla for foreign films, independent cinema, and documentaries. Kanopy is a top destination for educational videos – business health, social sciences; you name it.


  • Plenty of educational and entertaining content


  • Hoopla does not have many newer movies and TV shows
  • Kanopy has very few comedy, action, and family movies

Pluto TV

pluto tv streaming

Pluto TV offers free live streaming of over 100 channels at a go. The channels focus on niche interest ensuring there is something for everyone. If you are a fun of movies, there is a channel for that. If you are a fun of documentaries, there is a channel for that. You can even stream news, music and radio.


  • Plenty of content compared to traditional TV


  • Occasional intrusive ads
  • Geo-blocked outside the US, but you can use US servers to access it

Classic Cinema Online

classic cinema online streaming

If you are a fun of the classics, Classic Cinema Online is a great Netflix alternative for you. The site has plenty of old movies ranging across different genres.

There are action movies, adventure movies, westerns, musicals, sci-fi movies, war movies, and comedies among others. There are even silent movies that take you way back to the Charlie Chaplin era. The site truly has something for everyone.


  • Lots of classic movies


  • No high definition viewing
  • Implements geo-restriction

Top 5 Paid Netflix Alternatives

Paid services invest a lot to make your experience as smooth as possible, but they love to geo-block their content. A VPN subscription can help you enjoy these sites to the fullest.

Amazon Prime

amazon prime streaming

Amazon Prime is one of the best Netflix alternatives. It has plenty of movies and TV shows, some cult classics and some newly released.  There is also a range of original TV shows and movies that you won’t find on Netflix or other streaming platforms.

The streaming service comes with a 30-day free trial to help you decide if you like it enough to stick around or not. It’s also quite affordable as it costs $ 8.99 per month as a standalone service and $ 10.99 per month for full prime membership.

Just like Netflix Amazon Prime Video utilizes geo-blocking. Some Prime members get to enjoy much larger libraries than those in other countries. 


  • Affordable access to extensive content
  • No commercials


  • The search function results include options you have to pay extra for
  • Implements geo-restriction outside the US


Hulu streaming

Hulu is another great Netflix alternative with a plethora of content. From classic favorites to hit movies to original content like the critically acclaimed “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Hulu has everything to keep you entertained for a long time.

Hulu offers a 30-day free trial when you sign up and has a few membership options like Netflix. There is the basic membership plan, which costs $ 5.99 per month but with ads and an ad-free plan which costs $11.99 per month. The streaming service is only available in the US and Japan.


  • Huge library of content
  • Live TV


  • No offline option
  • Expensive add-ons
  • Content is geo-restricted to the US and Japan


HBO Now streaming

From the latest hit shows like the Westworld to classic hit shows like the Sopranos, HBO Now isn’t short of entertaining content. There are also plenty of movies covering all genres, documentaries, and kids shows. 

The streaming service has a 30-day free trial and costs $14.99 per month, which is quite expensive when compared to other Netflix Alternatives. While HBO is available in 50 countries, HBO now is only available in the US. 


  • Award-winning original content
  • Excellent streaming quality


  • Quite expensive
  • Geo-blocked outside the US and Japan if you don’t have a VPN

CBS All Access

CBS All Access streaming

If you are a fan of CBS shows, then CBS All Access is a great Netflix alternative for you. This streaming service offers great TV shows, including The Big Bang Theory and Blue Bloods. There are also several classic shows like Frasier and original shows like The Twilight Zone to keep you entertained. 

In addition, CBS All Access offers live sports streams and local news coverage. There are a couple of membership options to pick from. There are the basic membership plans that cost $5.99 per month but with commercials and the commercial-free membership plan that costs $9.99 per month. CBS All Access is only available in the US and Canada.


  • Massive catalog of current and classic CBS shows
  • Live CBS news and sports streams


  • Few exclusive originals
  • Geo-blocked outside the US and Canada

Sling TV

Sling tv streaming

Sling TV is your go-to platform for affordable live TV. Not only does it have popular TV shows and movies, but you can also watch live sports streams and local news coverage.

The streaming platform has a basic membership plan that costs $20, $25, or $40 per month. The first one will unlock 25 channels. Add $5 more and get 40, or go all-in with the most expensive option, which gives you access to all channels. Sling TV is only available in the US.


  • Comprehensive add-ons


  • Clumsy interface
  • Content is geo-restricted
  • More expensive than most other options

Getting the most out of Netflix alternatives with a VPN

Evidently, most of Netflix alternatives are only available in certain countries. This means there are people missing out on what some of these streaming platforms have to offer. VPNs come in to tackle such issues by enabling easy and secure access to geo-restricted content in the most affordable way possible. 

Reasons why you need a VPN include:

  • security
  • privacy
  • defeat bandwidth throttling
  • bypass internet censorship and restrictions
  • bypass geo-blocking

Paid Netflix alternatives have their perks. More content, less or no ads, and some even come with live TV programming. With so much to offer, such streaming platforms come ready to upgrade your home entertainment to levels your traditional TV couldn’t.

While many of the free Netflix alternatives are ad-supported, they do offer great content to keep you entertained for quite some time. With VPNs like Surfshark, you don’t even have to worry about ads anymore.

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