A hand running on its fingers, crossing a finishing line that says 2023; a dust cloud is behind the hand.

New year, new Wrap-up! The special report released for a third year in a row highlights Surfshark’s technical, educational, and social responsibility accomplishments, as well as others, in 2023. This year’s edition also marks our 5th anniversary. Let’s unwrap it all together!

What’s included?

Technical overview

In 2023, our tech team’s top priority was personalized privacy and security solutions and their quality. We introduced Dedicated IP and Alternative ID, revamped the app design, enhanced server infrastructure, passed the MASA (Mobile App Security Assessment) audit, and more.

Incogni highlights

Our data removal tool, Incogni, experienced significant growth. This year, Incogni added People Search Sites in the US to their data brokers list and, according to Google Trends, became the world’s most searched data removal service.

Global recognition

To raise awareness about online security and privacy, our marketing team executed creative experiments, teamed up with industry partners, influencers, and media outlets, collaborated with sports teams, released a Cybersecurity course, and more.

Research projects & initiatives

In 2023, our research team mapped cybersecurity with research projects that were featured in media outlets worldwide. The studies included Digital Quality of Life 2023, Internet Shutdown Tracker, Global data breach statistics, and more.

NGO collaborations, donations & CSR

To promote internet safety and wellbeing, we partnered with trusted NGOs and nonprofits, such as VTI (VPN Trust Initiative), Internet Society, European Digital Rights, and others. We also organized various initiatives, including a Digital Survival Kit, launched an Emergency VPN program, and more.

The people behind Surfshark

We expanded our workforce to almost every continent worldwide and witnessed significant growth in Poland. We also prioritized our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing and focused on our employees’ growth and self-development.

What’s next?

At Surfshark, we strive for transparency in everything we do. We aim to regularly publish reports that provide a detailed look at what’s happening inside our organization, our partnerships, team achievements, and plans for the future. 

Now kick back, relax, and check out Surfshark’s annual Wrap-up 2023!