Dedicated IP

Today we’re happy to present a hotter-than-coffee update. What is it, you may ask? We’re launching a new product — Dedicated IP! We know you have some questions, so let’s get into this fresh brew.

What’s the difference between a regular and dedicated IP?

Well, let’s begin with an IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a number assigned to a device or network used for identifying that device. It’s part of the internet, so if you’re online — you have one. 

A VPN changes your IP, so you’re untraceable online. Every time you connect to the server, you get a new IP address & share it with the others connected to it.

A dedicated IP is an IP (Internet Protocol) address that is exclusively yours. No one will ever share that address & it will always stay the same for you. 

You can think of a dedicated IP address like having a reserved parking spot in a parking lot. With a reserved spot, you don’t have to worry about someone else taking up the space & you always know where to park. 

But how do you know if you need that designated parking space? 

Why should I get Surfshark’s Dedicated IP?

Here are a few situations where Surfshark’s Dedicated IP can save your day:

It’s an excellent tool for accessing any network remotely. 

Accessing assets remotely is already burdensome. Doing that while using a shared VPN service is even more hassle since you never know what address you’ll get. 

With every new IP address, you have to repeat that process of allowing IPs to enter your network. Surfshark’s Dedicated IP will ensure your address stays the same no matter where you go, so no more repetitive work for you. 

On top of that, no one else will reach your assets as they have a totally separate IP address.

It prevents your IP from falling into a blocklist

Just as a shared parking lot can become crowded and chaotic, a shared IP address can get overloaded & used by people with all sorts of intentions. This makes the IP more prone to issues such as blocklisting, where the IP address is blocked due to the actions of other users sharing the same address

But we just launched the perfect solution that helps to avoid that — a dedicated IP only you use. 

It allows accessing services, sensitive to IP changes

A dedicated IP address makes it easier to access services, websites, or applications that require a consistent IP address. It can be online banking, crypto trading, gambling, or any other sites.

So if you want to get that Surfshark VPN security & keep your IP address the same, Dedicated IP is for you. 

It minimizes the number of CAPTCHA requests 

CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” It’s like a nightclub bouncer, but instead of checking your ID, it makes you identify pictures of traffic lights.

When many people share the same VPN server, websites can identify those repetitive requests as robotic. Hence, you get more CAPTCHAs than usual. One solution to fight them without losing your VPN protection — Surfshark’s Dedicated IP. 

It won’t affect your speed or setup compared to regular VPN servers

Our new Dedicated IP solution works with all VPN protocols, even WireGuard®! So you won’t have to choose between your favorite connection protocol and Dedicated IP. Even better, you can connect to it on as many devices as you wish. 

And yes, you can set it up on a router for an all-in-one solution for all your devices. 

How to get Surfshark’s Dedicated IP?

The first step is to get a Surfshark or Surfshark One account. Once that is done, you can go to the next step — logging in to your Surfshark account. Here (or on your Surfshark VPN app), you should go to that “Dedicated IP” section & click “Upgrade.” 

That’s it. And if you want an even easier way, click that “Get Dedicated IP” button below. 

Which one provides more privacy: Dedicated or a shared IP? 

Like any other VPN server, Dedicated IP encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address and location. However, it’s tied to your email address, and your online activities can be traced back to you if someone hacks into your email account. 

With a shared, standard IP address, your online footprints are mixed together with all other users, and it is harder to trace your activities back to you. 

Of course, we have a solution. If you wish, you can select the anonymous Dedicated IP option. This will remove the link between your Dedicated IP and email. Just like that, even we won’t know which Dedicated IP is yours.

How to use Surfshark’s Dedicated IP?

Once you have an account and an active Dedicated IP, open your app and go to that “Dedicated IP” section under the search bar on your home screen. 

Here you will see your Dedicated IP. If that’s not the case, click the “Have a token?” button and enter the token code you’ll get after purchasing the Dedicated IP. Just like that, Dedicated IP will appear in the list & you can click on it to connect.

If you need some visual guidance, head over to this article for a step-by-step guide on how to set up Surfshark’s Dedicated IP.

What locations do we offer?

At the moment, we offer these Dedicated IP locations:

  • The US — Los Angeles
  • The US — New York
  • The US — Dallas
  • The US — San Jose
  • The UK — London
  • The Netherlands — Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong (coming very soon)
  • Japan — Tokyo (coming very soon)
  • Germany — Frankfurt (coming very soon)
  • Italy — Milan (coming soon)
  • South Africa — Johannesburg (coming soon)
  • Australia — Sydney (coming soon)
  • Canada — Toronto (coming soon)
  • France — Paris (coming soon)

The number of available Dedicated IPs per location is limited, meaning some may not always be available for purchase. But don’t worry — we’ll keep restocking them.

How to choose the best Dedicated IP location?

Well, it’s not that hard. You only have to consider two things:

  1. Why you want to use a static IP address
  2. Your physical location

If you need a static IP in Germany, the answer to which server to select is clear. If you’re undecided, try out our regular VPN servers first, and after finding the best-performing location for you, upgrade to Dedicated IP.

Suppose you don’t have specific service needs & want to have a personal fixed IP address. In that case, we recommend selecting a Dedicated IP server closest to your physical location.

So try our servers out & select the best one for you!