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Stream sports with a VPN from anywhere

Access live sports online with a VPN

  • Stream lag-free
  • Access sports content worldwide
  • Forget sports blackouts
vpn sports

Stream all the major leagues from anywhere you are

Premier League


UEFA Champions League




La Liga

Moto GP




Le Tour de France





Indian Premier League

ESPN+ College Football

Unblock these sports streaming services with a VPN

Geo-blocking can’t stop you from experiencing invaluable game moments in real-time.





Bein Sports

BBC iPlayer

How to watch any sports event with a VPN

In three simple steps


First, choose a VPN provider (wink-wink). Every Surfshark user gets a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Create an account and download a VPN app to your device. Surfshark supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Firefox, Chrome, and other versions.


Once you complete the setup, log into your account, and choose a server in a country that hosts your desired content. If a streaming website is only available to viewers in the UK, connect to any server in the UK.

Why should I use a VPN for sports streaming?

If you want to access more sports online, then a VPN is definitely for you. Never miss another game and do so under VPN privacy and security!

Bypass geo-blocking

When accessing geo-blocked streaming sites, a VPN is the best and quickest solution. It can virtually transfer you to a location where you can access your desired content from.

Get around sports blackouts

Sports blackouts happen because a streaming service can see your location. With a VPN’s help, you can virtually appear to be almost anywhere in the world.

Encrypt your online traffic

Encrypt your data so that no one else can see what you do online or what sports you enjoy watching.


Can you use a VPN to watch the NFL?

Yes, you can use a VPN to watch the NFL. The NFL itself does not have its own streaming platform. However, you can catch your favorite football games on ESPN and DirectTV, both of which can be accessed with Surfshark.

How do I watch live sports through a VPN?

You can watch live sports by connecting your VPN to the location where your desired streaming services are based. 

For example, ESPN is only available in the US, and without a VPN, you cannot access it from outside of the States. If you connect your device to a VPN server in the US, you’ll be able to access ESPN content.

Is VPN streaming legal?

Yes, using a VPN to stream is absolutely legal unless you reside in a country where VPNs are against the law in general.

How to get around an ESPN blackout?

ESPN blackouts happen due to differences in regional and local copyrights. You can use a VPN to get around ESPN blackouts by connecting to a VPN server that’s located in the US.

Speed, convenience, compatibility - all in one

Top streaming speeds

Once you access a geo-restricted sports streaming service, the next important thing is speed. Surfshark is among the top 3 VPNs by download speed as tested by AV-Comparatives. Don’t allow buffering to ruin your viewing experience.

Limitless bandwidth

Here at Surfshark, we don’t apply any bandwidth or data limits to our users. Since streaming videos uses up a significant amount of bandwidth, getting a VPN that puts no restrictions on it is crucial.

Unlimited devices

Stay protected on all devices, from your smart TV to your phone or tablet, when watching your favorite teams compete. Share your Surfshark account with your family too, so that you all can enjoy unrestricted sports streaming from anywhere you wish.

Stream sports hassle-free with a VPN

And get a 30-day money-back guarantee!