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October is here, with an all-important message of Cybersecurity Awareness. Stay vigilant online, and never browse without VPN protection. Talking about VPN, we’re thrilled to unveil our monthly news! So, grab your virtual notepads, fasten your digital seatbelts, and let’s go.

Table of contents

    We launched our cybersecurity course!

    Our new product, Social Engineering 101: Cybersecurity Course on Scam Spotting, is live! The course will take you on a journey of beating online scams via emails, messages, calls, and social media. 

    You will also learn about social engineering tricks in dating, traveling, shopping, and banking apps. Read more about the course and play with scams in our training instead of facing them in real life.

    Alternative ID supports multiple emails

    You can now create and handle up to three alternative emails at once with our improved Alternative ID.

    That’s not all, as we added the ability to edit generated Alternative ID details. That means you can use a name you have in mind when creating your ID. This update begins with Android 3.3.0 and will soon be released to other platforms.

    Alert shows post-breach recommendations 

    From now on, Surfshark Alert will tell you about the latest data breaches and what to do if your info appears in one of them.

    On the Alert page, you will now see a list of recommendations and an emergency plan on what to do if your details get leaked. 

    You can now scan a QR code to add devices

    You can now log in or add new devices faster by scanning the QR code on the device you’re already logged in. This feature is now available on iOS 3.14 but will also reach other platforms. 

    macOS has a new dashboard

    Our macOS 4.12.0 users will finally experience a redesigned VPN dashboard. 

    Besides that, the app will offer you the fastest server in your selected location and notify you once your VPN auto-connects.

    And that’s not all. Surfshark Antivirus also received performance improvements. It now uses less CPU (Central Processing Unit) while scanning your files.

    Our apps got a boost

    With Linux 1.7.0, if your VPN auto-connect is on, you’ll be notified whenever you connect to an unsecured network.

    And our Windows 5.3.0 received a few bug fixes to improve the issue with Windows background services. 

    October was rich in updates

    We’re proud to celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month with the launch of our cybersecurity course. But don’t unbuckle your digital seatbelts just yet. Go ahead and watch this video for even more updates.