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Online Safety Course: How to Spot Scams

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Course price

Our course costs only USD 29.99 or USD 19.99 if you’re a Surfshark user*. 

With a one-time payment, you’ll get unlimited access to all video lessons, interactive quizzes, & downloadable materials.

*If you are unsure about your eligibility for a discount or haven’t received your code yet, please contact our customer service support, available 24/7.

About our course

Made by online security professionals

Made by online security professionals

The course was created by cybersecurity writers. All data was reviewed and approved by Surfshark’s Cybersecurity Lead, who has 15 years of experience in government security services.

Interactive quizzes & cheat sheets

Interactive quizzes & cheat sheets

The training includes detailed quizzes and downloadable sheets that will help you unmask all scams in real life. Use them anytime to quickly refresh and boost your knowledge.

Lifetime course access

Lifetime course access

One account grants you lifetime access to all materials, updates, and new additions to this course. So don't rush yourself. Study at your own pace, rewatch and revisit the course as many times as you want.

Online safety course modules

Scams in emails

Become a pro at spotting service impersonators, phishing scams, fake online meetings, & more. Investigate tactics used by scammers. After that, check your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and don’t be puzzled by suspicious emails.

Scams in messages & calls

Dive deeper into scams performed via calls and messages. Get insights about tax refund scams, investment calls, streaming platform scams, & fake parcel delivery messages. You’ll also learn to spot AI-generated voices and distinguish scammy calls and messages from real ones.

Scams in social media

Learn how to navigate the social media world and identify scams on various platforms. Explore job scams on LinkedIn, social media lotteries, investment scams, and account theft. We’ll also talk about dangerous AI scams & test your knowledge with interactive quizzes.

Scams in digital banking

Typically, banks do not provide compensation for losses resulting from a customer’s fault. That’s why this lesson focuses on those expensive mistakes. We’ll go over fake issues with banking services, AI-generated scams, bogus banking phone calls, payment issues, & more.

Scams in traveling apps

Go on a journey full of fake rentals and flights, scammy accommodation listings on trusted websites, airlines without licenses, & more. Learn about robocalls and other scammers’ tactics and uncover the hidden cost of free vacations.

Scams in online shopping

After this session, you’ll be able to detect fake retailers, discounts, and messages related to payment issues. We will uncover the logic behind pre-orders, delivery, & other online shopping scams.

Scams in dating apps

Swipe right and feel right on dating apps. This lesson goes beyond sending money to unknown individuals — it uncovers emotional traps, stalking, and usual scammers’ targets. After this lesson, you’ll also know how to distinguish deep fakes & fake profiles like a pro.

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Is the online safety course free?

The first lesson of the course — scams in emails — is free. To access it you need to create an account.

The rest of course costs USD 29.99. The price includes unlimited access to the course, all video and downloadable materials, and future updates.

How long is the course?

It will take around 2 hours to finish the course. It includes approximately 90 minutes of video material and 21 interactive quizzes.

Will I get a certificate for completing the course?

Yes, you will get a printable and shareable certificate for completing this course.

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