Surfshark updates: July 2023

Summer is well underway, and it’s time for the latest Surfshark updates! This month, among our key highlights, we have something big for you. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Table of contents

    We launched a new product — Alternative ID!

    Drumroll, please…as we present to you our brand new product. As the name suggests, you can now create your new online persona with Alternative ID

    Here’s how it works:  you give us the details about this new identity, and we create a new profile with an email address, which safely forwards emails to your real one. Voila!

    Get it and keep your true identity a secret when creating new accounts, subscribing to newsletters, or on any other websites you don’t fully trust. And if you want to learn more — check out this article answering all your questions about Alternative ID.

    Android & Windows interfaces — uplifted

    Last month we shared our uplifted homepage. Now, the uplift has come to Android & Windows! Enjoy a refreshed look of our app and the homepage on Windows & Android devices.

    We won an award from Forbes Advisor

    A world-class publication, Forbes Advisor, has named Surfshark as “Best VPN for Unlimited Connections!” 

    According to Forbes Advisor, our standout qualities lie in our seamless ability to manage multiple connections. In addition to that, we received recognition for features such as Split Tunneling and Dynamic MultiHop. Check out this blog post about our “Best VPN for Unlimited Connections” award to learn more

    Dedicated IP landed in new locations

    Last month we released our new product — Dedicated IP — with locations in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, San Jose, London, and Amsterdam. As promised, we’re back with more! We’ve added Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Sydney to the list, with even more to come. Stay tuned!

    We polished our apps

    We always want to ensure that you have the best experience possible. To achieve this, we’ve recently made some improvements to our application, focusing on optimizing your overall experience on:

    • Android:
    • Windows: 5.0.1
    • MacOS: 4.10.1
    • iOS: 3.12.1
    • Linux 1.5.0
    • EXT (Firefox): 3.23.1
    • EXT (Chrome): 4.1.0

    Surfshark Giveaway 2023: win a free trip!

    Do you wish summer could last longer? We might be able to help…

    Introducing the Surfshark Giveaway 2023! Here’s the deal: upload a picture on your social media following the giveaway rules, tag us, and cross your fingers because you have the chance to win $1000 to fly anywhere you want! Sounds good? Check out this blog post to learn more about the rules and conditions. 

    Technical update

    Recently, independent researchers identified a vulnerability affecting numerous VPNs, including Surfshark. The research demonstrates that an adversary, by setting up a malicious Wi-Fi access point, can manipulate these exceptions and leak VPN client traffic.

    On its own, this vulnerability was not a widespread issue and did not have broader implications. We swiftly and decisively addressed this issue, and the vulnerability has been fully resolved. This situation highlights the importance of working with independent researchers and emphasizes the need for users to always download the latest versions of our apps. These updated versions contain all necessary bug fixes and offer the highest levels of security.

    We greatly value the contributions of independent researchers. Their expertise and insights play a vital role in our mission to develop secure tools, continually helping us to enhance our security measures.

    That’s a wrap for July!

    From winning an award to making performance improvements across different platforms, this month was packed with updates. But the highlight that steals the show is definitely Alternative ID. We hope you’re just as excited as we are, so go give it a try and be even safer online!